Thursday, October 1, 2009

In The Making of A Home Sweet Home 1

There is this little post box outside my house..

One fine morning, I get to see something different with the post box, guess what..

There is this cute little bird nest inside the post box!

The bird nest is so neatly knitted by the mother bird...

So warm and cosy, now waiting for the arrival of little birdies!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In The Making of A Home Sweet Home 2

Looks like the mother bird has laid three eggs in the nest!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In the Making of a Home Sweet Home 3

These are the looks of an ants' nest from different angles. This nest is indeed very special. It looks like a bees' nest but it is actually an ants' nest!

A Day's Titbit 1

Two teachers were talking about their experience in going to hair salon in the staffroom.

Miss A : Wow, Mr B. A new hair cut today!

Mr B : Yes, yesterday I went to the salon in my village here in Semerah.

Miss A : You don’t go to the salon in town? There are many there especially in Summit Parade with the latest haircut styles.

Mr B : No, I prefer the traditional one here. I went to the modern salon once and you know what, I was “wet” all over.

Miss A : Haha, was it because you’re too nervous or too excited because the one trimming your hair was a young pretty girl?

Mr B : Of course not! The young girl’s skill is still lacking, guess what, she washed my hair till my clothes was wet! The auntie in the traditional salon is better.

Miss A : Haha, I thought you were nervous as the one trimming your hair is a young pretty girl who caused you to sweat all over:>

Mr B : Well, now you know the real story..

Miss A : Yes, I was thinking to far just now, hihi.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day's Titbit 2

A mother and daughter were just back home from shopping. There was no one at home as the son and daughter-in-law had gone for work.

Daughter: Mum, did you lock the door just now? I thought you only lock the front door gate..

Mother : No, I didn't lock it, I just close the door only.

Daughter: Are you sure or not, Mum. It is locked!

Mother : Oh my goodness, how come? Does it lock by itself?

Daughter: So weird, I always close the door and lock only the door gate. This never happen to me before for so many years. Can it lock by itself?

Mother : So how are we going to open it?

Daughter: How did you close the door till it is locked by its own, Mum! You have to fix it, I don't know.. I don't have the key for it. I only bring the key for the door gate..

The daughter unloaded the things from her car while the mother tried to think of a way. When the mother tried helplessly to open the door by using a small pair of scissors she found outside... suddenly someone opened the door from inside and her son was standing in front of her.

Mother : Ah Gih ah, why are you at home? Aren't you supposed to be at work?

Son : I have a slight fever so I'm back to rest.

Mother : So you're the one who locked the door. We were wondering how the door was locked by itself. Amek was blaming me just now for causing the door to lock by itself. And the worst thing is that I thought I really did it!

Mother and daughter were laughing heartily as they were so clueless on how the door might lock by itself and they really believed it did happened. The funny thing was that eventually it turned out to be that there was someone inside who locked it and this solved the puzzle!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Speech as Emcee

Script for an Emcee during an English Course
A very good afternoon to all the course participants who are present here. Today, I want to welcome all the English teachers from the secondary schools in Batu Pahat, Johor, who are joining us for the course of English Language PMR Marking Techniques 2011. We hope that our meeting today will lead to a closer cooperation among all the English teachers towards more effective marking techniques in English Language PMR 2011.
Without further delay, I would like to call upon Encik Azhar bin Abdul Ghafar for the prayer recitation.
Thank you to Encik Azhar bin Abdul Ghafar. Ladies and gentlemen, now, I would like to call upon Encik Radzali bin Ahmad, the Senior Assisstant of Curriculum, SMK Semerah to give his speech. Please welcome Encik Radzali bin Ahmad.
Thank you to Encik Radzali bin Ahmad for his significant speech. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in for a real treat this beautiful, sunny afternoon. Our guest speakers are two Excellence Teachers who have been teaching English Language for many years. They are also Examiners with vast experience. The two remarkable guest speakers are none other than Encik Muhammad Arif bin Anuar from SMK Dato’ Bentara Luar and Puan Bahariah binti Yasir from SMK Tun Ismail who will sail with us through the two slots of marking techniques today.
Now, it is my pleasure to introduce our first guest speaker, Encik Muhammad Arif bin Anuar. In his opinion, effective marking techniques in guided composition help students in enhancing their ESL Writing. Today, he is going to talk to us on the marking techniques in Guided Composition. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Encik Muhammad Arif bin Anuar.
Ladies and gentlemen, our second guest speaker believes that effective marking techniques in summary benefit our students and make them more successful. So, to speak on the marking techniques in Summary, please welcome Puan Bahariah binti Yassir.
Ladies and gentlemen, those are the two valuable slots presented by our guest speakers today. In order to show our gratitude, I would like to call upon Puan Rahila binti Hassan, the Head of English Panel, SMK Semerah to present our token of appreciation to our two guest speakers today, first to Encik Muhammad Arif bin Anuar and then to Puan Bahariah binti Yassir.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have come to the end of one afternoon of intensive input and hard work. It is late and I do not want to keep you too long for your well-earned rest. I would like to thank everyone and all who have contributed to the success of this course. Let us leave here with a sharpened focus on the marking techniques of Guided Composition and Summary.
With that, I thank you.

This coming Wednesday, I have to be the emcee for an English course in my school and I have prepared my script except the guest speakers' expertise, yet to be added in. I hope everything will go well on that day..