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Around the World in 80 Days - 1

Where can you find this figure? Whose figure is this?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 1- Phileas Fogg Finds a New Butler)

Mr Phileas Fogg lives alone at No. 7 Savile Row in London, England, with the exception of his butler. He is a tall man with dark hair and a serious face. He is 40 years old and his hair and whiskers have started to turn grey. He is a wealthy man. He is one of the most noticeable members of the Reform Club. His activities are described as being those of a meticulous man, highly organised, punctual and habitual.

Mr Phileas Fogg has just dismissed his butler, James Forster, because that luckless youth has brought him shaving water that is two degrees colder than the temperature required. Meanwhile, Jean Passepartout has come for a job
and hoped to become the next butler for Mr Phileas Fogg. Mr Fogg and Passepartout meet and finalise the nature of the services that Passepartout has to perform for Mr Fogg. Passepartout is hired as his butler. Mr Phileas Fogg then goes off without a word. Passepartout hears the echoes of the shuting door after his master and the previous butler leaving the house. Passepartout then remains alone in the house in Savile Row. He begins to explore the house from top to bottom, everything in the house is so clean and well organised! He finds a schedule for all his chores on a piece of paper hanging on the wall. Passepartout can now learn the routine as well.


1. Mr Phileas Fogg
2. James Forster (former butler)
3. Jean Passepartout (current butler)
4. a famous poet
5. some people

Setting (Places):
1. No 7 Savile Row, London, England
2. Reform Club
3. corner of the room
4. living room
5. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
6. Paris
7. sitting room
8. house

1. Surf the internet for more information on Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (introduction and photos). Name a figure of a famous person that you like the most.
2. List out Mr Phileas Fogg's daily routines which are written on the piece of paper hanging on the wall.

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Around the World in 80 Days - 2

How many cards does a player get in a Bridge Game?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 2-Phileas Fogg Says Something He Might Regret)

Phileas Fogg, reaches the Reform Club after walking the 575 steps. He goes at once to the dining room and takes his place at the habitual table. He eats his lunch as usual and then he spends a considerable amount of time reading newspapers in the great hall. Then he goes back to the dining room for his meal. Mr Fogg reappears in the Reading Room. Mr. Fogg’s usual partners (Andrew Stuart, Thomas Flanagan, John Sullivan, Samuel Fallentin, Ralph Gauthier) appear and all of them begin to discuss a famous robbery that has recently taken place at a bank in London in which the robber gets away with 55,000 pounds.

As soon as the robbery is discovered, picked detectives hasten off to various ports, inspired by the reward of 2000 pounds. There are real grounds for supposing that the thief does not belong to a professional band but is a gentleman. The papers and clubs are full of the affair, and everywhere people are discussing the probabilities of a successful pursuit; and the Reform Club is especially agitated, several of its members being Bank officials.

The players argue whether the thief will be caught or not. Then Mr Fogg declares that it is possible to go around the world in 80 days so it is possible to track down the robber. John Sullivan supports this conjecture and shows the group the estimate made by the paper that claims that a journey around the world can be done in 80 days. Mr Stuart thinks that the journey may sound plausible theoretically but is not feasible practically. He dares Mr Fogg to complete such a feat himself and in his excitement, he puts a wager of 4000 pounds. Phileas Fogg insists that he can carry out the quest.

He bets 20,000 pounds against anyone that he will make the tour of the world in 80 days or less. Mr. Fogg decides to take the train to Dover that very evening (Wednesday, the 2nd October, 1867) and tells his challengers that he will be back in the Reform Club, on Saturday, the 21 st of December, 1867. A memorandum of the wager is at once drawn up and signed by the six parties. The party offers to suspend the game so that Mr. Fogg can make his preparations for departure but the latter is calm and insists on playing some more.


1. Phileas' usual waiter

2. Phileas fogg

3. Andrew Stuart-engineer

4. Thomas Flanagan-landowner

5. John Sullivan-newspaper owner

6. Samuel Fallentin- newspaper owner

7. Ralph Gauthier-works in Bank of England

8. robber

9. detectives

10.a well-dressed gentleman



Setting (Places):

1. Reform Club

2. dining room

3. garden

4. great hall

5. Phileas' usual table

6. Reading Room

7. bank (robbed of 55,000 pounds 3 days ago)

8. across the country

9. the world

10.room (where money goes missing)

11.great railway in India


13. Dover


1. Find the definition for the word 'wager'.

2.Mr Phileas Fogg and his partners are playing cards. What kind of cards are they playing?

3. Write out the memorandum signed by Mr Phileas Fogg and the men according to your own creativity and imagination.

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Around the World in 80 Days - 3

This is one of the items bought together with other things by Mr Phileas Fogg for his trip around the world in 80 days. Try to guess what this is.

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 3-Phileas Fogg Shocks His New Butler)

Phileas Fogg takes leave of his friends. Passepartout, who has studied the programme of his duties, is surprised to see his master guilty of the inexactness of appearing at an unaccustomed hour; for, according to rule, he is not due in Savile Row until midnight. Passerpartout is even more surprised when he is told that they will be leaving for Dover in ten minutes.

On being told that they will be going around the world, Passerpartout is completely taken aback as he has been expecting a very quiet life with his master. The butler is told that they will be travelling very light and will have no need of heavy trunks. Passepartout tries to reply to his master, but he cannot.He mechanically sets about making the preparations for departure. By eight o’clock Passepartout has packed the modest carpetbags, containing the wardrobes of his master and himself; then, still troubled in mind, he carefully shuts the door of his room, and descends to Mr Fogg.

Mr Fogg is quite ready. He carries two travel guides under his arm, one for the railways and one for the boats. He takes the carpetbag, opens it, and slips in his wallet too.Passepartout is told to take care of the carpetbag as it has 20,000 pounds in it. They step into a waiting cab that takes them directly to the railroad station. Phileas and Passepartout then find their seats in the first-class cabin. Passepartout is still in daze, he still cannot believe what is happening to him now!


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

Setting (Places):

1. Reform Club

2. bedroom door

3. Dover

4. room

5. Passepartout's room

6. railroad station

7. first-class cabin


1. Draw Phileas' and Passepartout's carpetbags and all the things inside the two bags. Label the things.

2. Draw Passepartout's face portrayed his expression when his master tells him that he is going on a trip around the world in 80 days with him.

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Around the World in 80 Days - 4

Do you know about this document and the use of it?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 4-Introducing Detective Fix)
Adapted from: http://www.pinkmonkey.com/booknotes/monkeynotes/pmAroundWorld26.asp

Phileas and Passepartout travel by train to Dover and then sail to Paris. From Paris, they take a train to Turin, Italy. Then another train carries them through Italy to Brindisi, where they board a steamer called the Mongolia, owned by the Peninsular and Oriental Company.

Two men are walking up and down the canal, one is the British diplomat at Suez. The other is a small built personage with a nervous, intelligent face, and bright eyes peering out from under eyebrows, which he is incessantly twitching. This is Fix, one of the detectives who has been dispatched from England in search of the bank robber. It is his responsibility to note all suspicious looking people. He has a conversation with the diplomat, while awaiting the arrival of the Mongolia, in which he explains how confident he is in finding the robber.

When the ship comes in, Fix carefully examines each face and figure. Suddenly, Passepartout comes up to him and politely askes if he can point out the British passport office, at the same time showing a passport which he wishes to have it stamped. Fix advises Passepartout that for getting the passport validated, the master, Mr Phileas Fogg would have to make an appearance himself at the British passport office. Fix suspects that Phileas is the robber so he asks Stephenson not to stamp his passport until he gets a warrant to arrest him. However, when Stephenson looks at his passport, he tells to Phileas that he does not need to stamp it. To prove that he has been to the place, Phileas insists that his passport is stamped. Stephenson stamps and dates the passport and gives it back to Phileas.

Phileas and Passepartout go back down the dock, Fix follows them and manages to talk to Passepartout. Passepartout tells what he knows about their trip to Fix and the facts of the quick departure from London, the large sum of money that Phileas has carried with him and the need to reach faraway countries in a hurry make Fix suspects him more. What more, Phileas is a gentleman! He quickly sends a telegram to London:







1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Stephenson-British diplomat

4. Fix-detective sent by Bank of England to track down the robber

5. passengers

6. sailors

7. merchants

8. shipbuilders

9. porters


11.the crowds

Setting (Places):

1. Europe

2. Dover

3. Paris

4. Turin, Italy

5. Brindisi

6. Suez Canal

7. Bombay, India

8. Aden

9. Asia

10.British passport office




14.the Northern and the Lyon stations



1. Draw Fix's face according to the descriptions given in this chapter.

2. List down all the possibilities that lead Fix into suspecting Phileas Fogg as the robber.

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Around the World in 80 Days - 5

By refering to the first map, try to label the Red Sea in the second map. also, try to guess where the Indian Ocean is and label it in the second map.

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 5-Phileas Fogg Travels Across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean)

The Mongolia leaves for Aden on schedule. Unlike Phileas who cares little about sightseeing, Passpartout enjoys the scenery very much. Fix meets Passepartout again, lying to him that he is an agent for the Peninsular and Oriental Company. Fix tries to get Passepartout to talk more about Phileas but he actuallu knows very little of his master. The Mongolia passes Mocha, drives through the Strait of Bab-el Mandeb, and then stops at Aden for more coal. Phileas has his passport stamped once again, this time in Aden. after five days they reach Bombay.

Mr Fogg bids goodbye to his card partners, gives his servant several errands to do and he himself goes to the passport office. Having his passport stamped at the passport office, Phileas Fogg sets off for the railway station, where he orders dinner. Fix too has gone on shore shortly after Mr Fogg, and his first destination is the Bombay police station. He finds that the warrant has not reached the office. Fix is disappointed, and tries to obtain an order of arrest from the director of the Bombay police but is refused as the matter concerns the London police. He has to find another way to catch him.

Meanwhile, Passepartout goes around the city. His curiosity draws him farther off than he intends to go. He goes near a temple. He is ignorant that it is forbidden for Christians to enter certain Indian temples, and that even the faithful must not go in without taking off their shoes.

Passepartout, however, goes in the temple like a simple tourist. He suddenly finds himself sprawling on the floor, three enraged priests, who pull off his shoes, and begin to beat him while yelling at him in strange language. Somehow, he manages to escape. Five minutes before eight, Passepartout, hatless, shoeless, rushes breathlessly into the station. Phileas is not happy with his butler when he is made known of the matter.

Fix is about to board the same train, when an idea strucks him, which induces him to alter his plan. An offence has been committed on Indian soil and he sends a telegram to Culcutta, telling the police there to expect Mr Fogg and Passepartout. Then Fix books himself the next train to Culcutta.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Detective Fix

4. London police

5. robber

6. the police

7. girls in pretty costumes

8. foreigners

9. three angry men

Setting (Places):

1. Suez

2. Aden

3. deck

4. Reform Club

5. Bombay, India

6. Mocha

7. Strait of Bab-el Mandeb

8. passport office

9. Culcutta

10.Bombay police station

11.Bombay busy street

12.crowded market squares


14.railway station


1. List down all the things and scenes that Passepartout sees on the Bombay's busy streets.

2. Write the content of the telegram sent by Fix to the police in Culcutta.

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Around the World in 80 Days - 6

Have you ever go for an elephant ride? Where can you find such a wonderful sight of an elephant carrying the passengers around the village?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 6-Phileas Fogg Rides an Elephant)

The train starts punctually. Passepartout rides in the same carriage with his master, and a third passenger occupies a seat opposite to them. This is Sir Francis Cromarty, a general in the British army and one of Mr. Fogg’s card partners on the Mongolia. Phileas chats with Sir Francis while Passepartout sleeps quietly. The train then stops at Burhampoor, where Passepartout is able to purchase some Indian slippers, ornamented with false pearls.

Suddenly, the train stops and the conductor asks all passengers to get down. They learn that the rail has not been lain from this place till Allahabad and so the passengers will have to find their own way to Allahabad and from there they can once again board a train to Calcutta. While Sir Francis and Passepartout are very angry, Fogg is calm and looks for a means of transport.

Meanwhile, Passepartout finds an elephant and they all go to have a look at it. They soon reach a small hut. Kiouni, this is the name of the beast that can travel rapidly for a long time. Mr Fogg resolves to hire the elephant from her owner. Many offers are made and finally it takes two thousand pounds for the man to agree.They find a guide easily, a nice young man named Ali. Supplies are purchased. While Sir Francis and Mr Fogg took the howdahs on either side, Passepartout sits in between the two men. The guide sits on the elephant's neck, and at nine o’clock they set out from the village, the animal marching off through the dense forest of palm trees by the shortest cut.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Sir Francis Cromarty-a general in the British army

4. all passengers

5. conductor

6. an Indian man-owner of Kiouni

7. Kiouni-an elephant

8. Ali-a nice young guide

Setting (Places):

1. Benares, India

2. mountains

3. Burhampoor, India

4. temple

5. a small village

6. forest of palm trees

7. Culcutta

8. Hong Kong

9. a small hut





1. What is the meaning of howdah? Surf the Internet for at least two images of howdah.

2. Describe Phileas' and Passepartout's journey from Bombay to Culcutta and the means of tranportation used.

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Around the World in 80 Days - 7

Sutee (Self-Immolation)Self-immolation (or Suttee) was a traditional Hindu ritual practiced in India, whereby a grieving widow will voluntarily lie by her husband's side on his funeral pyre, where she is burned alive next to the corpse.Suttee had been practiced throughout India for centuries, before it was outlawed by the occupying British in 1829 (though occurrences have persisted until present day, causing it to be banned again in 1956, and again in 1981--some people just don't listen). Does this scene occur in Around the World in 80 Days?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 7-Phileas Fogg, Passepartout and Sir Francis Have an Adventure

Ali takes a shortcut as this saves time but the journey is rougher than the usual one. Passepartout is enjoying himself, feeling like a clown on a vault. They ride through a thick forest and then dry fields, noticing some animals, mainly monkeys. Along the way Passepartout is wondering what his monsieur will do to Kiouni once they arrive at Allahabad. They have gone half the distance to the other railway station by the evening. They stop at a run-down hut and sleep there. The next morning, at six o'clock they start travelling again, with only 12 miles to go.

Suddenly, they hear loud voices coming through the woods. A group of men dressed in costumes pull a cart with a statue on it. There is a young girl being pulled by another group of men. The poor girl's name is Aouda, the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Bombay. Phileas and the company plan to save Aouda. They wait until it is dark, go to the hut, cut open the hut and steal her away. The poor girl looks half-dead. Suddenly, the bandits notice this and chase after them. They quickly run and climb onto Kiouni, then she thunders through the forest. Phileas safely tucks Aouda in one of the howdahs with her still sleeping soundly.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Sir Francis

4. Kiouni, the elephant

5. Ali, the guide

6. passengers

7. bandits

8. a group of men dressed in costumes

9. Aouda, daughter of a wealthy merchant

10.the guards

Setting (Places):

1. thick forest

2. dry fields

3. Allahabad

4. run-down hut

5. railway station

6. a banana tree

7. the woods

8. Bombay

9. howdahs on the elephant


1. Imagine how Aouda looks like, draw her figure and look according to your imagination and the description in the novel.

2. In this novel, Aouda is captured by bandits for the ramsom her family would pay to get her back. Is this scene the same as in the original novel by Jules Verne? If not, what is the difference between the two?

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Around the World in 80 Days - 8

The name of the river in the picture above appears in the title for Chapter 8. Try to guess the name of the river. Why are there so many people in the picture?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 8-The Trip Down the Ganges)

The party reaches the train station in Allahabad by mid-morning. Passepartout is asked to run some errands and he takes the opportunity to explore the city. Then, Passepartout returns. they pay the guide, Ali and bid him farewell. Kiuoni is left in Ali's hands as a gift from Phileas. Ali is too happy to get the well-deserved gift which worth a fortune.

The company boards the train with Aouda following them. She finally comes to her sense and Phileas starts introduce the company, one by one to her. Aouda relates her plight to the men, telling that her family members have been killed by the bandits. To make sure Aouda is safe, Phileas offers to take her to Hong kong, their next destination. Aouda thanks the men for their kindness.

At Benares, Sir Francis gets off after bidding a warm farewell to his companions.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Sir Francis

4. Ali, the guide

5. Kiouni, the elephant

6. Aouda

Setting (Places):

1. Allahabad

2. train station

3. Benares

4. hut

5. the ground

6. Hong Kong


1. When Phileas offers to take Aouda to Hong Kong with his company, she agrees to it without any hesitations. Why does she react in such a way although she has just known the men for a only while?

2. Passepartout is asked by Phileas to run some errands in the city. What do you think Passepartout has bought this time around?

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Around the World in 80 Days - 9

Name the place shown in the picture above. Who are the people that you can find in this place?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 9-Phileas Fogg Spends a Lot of Money)

Just as Fogg, Passepartout and Aouda are leaving the Calcutta station, a policeman approaches them and asks Fogg and Passepartout to accompany him. Aouda too is given permission to accompany Fogg and Passepartout. They are taken to a small room with bars on the windows of a small house and told that they are to present themselves in front of the judge, Judge Obadiah.

When they are presented in court, the three plaintiffs too are brought in. Fogg assumes that these are the members of the gang trying to get Aouda back but he is mistaken. One of them actually produces Passepartout's shoes!.Passepartout is charged because he has entered the holy place with his shoes on. It is Fix who has directed the policeman to take Fogg and Passepartout into custody.

Judge Odadiah takes a note of Passepartout's confession and condemns him to go to prison for seven days and to pay a fine of 150 pounds. Fogg agrees to pay bail for his servant, 2000 pounds so that he does not need to stay in jail. Passepartout is very frustrated with the fact that his master has to pay such a large sum of money. After taking back his shoes, Passepartout follows Fogg out of the courtroom. Detective Fix is very angry because of Fogg’s excessive spending. Since a percentage on the recovered is assigned as a reward for the detectives, Fix is worried that by the time the journey ends and Fogg is caught, there will be a very negligible amount left.

1. Phileas Fogg
2. passengers
3. Aouda
4. Passepartout
5. a policeman
6. Judge Obadiah
7. judge's clerk
8. Detective Fix

Setting (Places):
1. train station in Culcutta
2. Hong Kong
3. a small house
4. a small room with bars on the windows
5. courtroom
6. India

1. Detective Fix is worried that Phileas is so free with his money, why is it so?
2. Do Phileas and his company manage to board the Hong kong steamer on time?

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Around the World in 80 Days - 10

This is a map of certain part of the world. Can you label Culcutta, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Yokohama, Japan in the map above?
Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 10-The Voyage from India to Hong Kong)

The travellers board the Rangoon. Aouda spends much time getting to know Phileas and Passepartout. Aouda tells that her father is a very wealthy merchant who deals with cottton. They live a wonderful life until he runs into trouble with the bandits. Aouda also has a cousin named Jeejah Jeejeebhoy in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Fix is on the steamer too and his aim is to arrest Phileas in Hong Kong. He keeps thinking about that. He also thinks of telling Passepartout, that his master may be a robber. He goes to the deck and strikes up a conversation with Passepartout. Passepartout is a little surprised to see Fix. But, he nevertheless tells Fix about his adventures in India. Fix learns that the young woman, Aouda, will be accompanying Phileas until Hong Kong and no further.

Passepartout begins to think it is quite strange that he should keep running into Fix. Passepartout finally concludes that Fix must be a spy sent by Phileas' fellow members of the Reform Club. The Rangoon lands in Singaopre a half-day before schedule, this is noted by Phileas in his journal. Phileas goes ashore with Aouda to Singapore to see the island.

They then continue their journey on the Rangoon towards Hong Kong. But this journey is not too smooth and Passepartout is very impatient. He quizzes Fix on the coincidence that Fix is always travelling with them. Fix returns to his cabin perplexed as to how he should now deal with Passepartout.

The weather is rough in the latter days of the voyage to Hong Kong. Phileas remains calm, Passepartout is angry and Fix is delighted at the delay. The Rangoon reaches Hong Kong a day later. An officer informs Phileas that the Carnatic will leave Hong Kong for Yokohama tomorrow morning and Phileas is pleased as he has thought that he has missed the ship. Phileas has some hours before boarding the Carnatic, so he takes Aouda to the Club Hotel in the meanwhile. He goes to look for her relative but finds that Jeejah Jeejeebhoy has moved to Holland from a merchant. It is decided then that Aouda will accompany Phileas to Europe and Passepartout is told to book three cabins on the Carnatic. They will be going to Japan together and from there, they will move on to America.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda

4. Aouda's father

5. Jeejah Jeejeebhoy, Aouda's cousin

6. bandits

7. Mr Fix

8. monsieur

9. passport officer

10.a merchant

Setting (Places):

1. the Rangoon (the steamer)

2. Hong Kong

3. America

4. Bombay

5. Culcutta

6. London

7. India

8. Europe

9. Reform Club




13.passport office

14.ticket office

15.the Carnatic

16.Club Hotel


18.three cabins on the Carnatic



1. Phileas and Passepartout has boarded two steamers throughout their journey around the world so far. List down all the names of the two steamers.

2. Is Aouda's cousin, Jeejah Jeejeebhoy a male or a female?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 11

Can you name the place in the the pictures above? After the years pass by, the place has turned to be a cosmopolitan city in China. What is the name of the place? Have you been to the place before?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 11-Passepartout Takes Too Great an Interest in Phileas Fogg, and What Comes of It

Hong Kong is described as a port with ships from all around the world. Passepartout goes roaming around the place. He sees Fix who looks extremely disappointed, Fix has yet to get the warrant to arrest Phileas. Together, they go and book cabins for four persons and Passepartout is happy that the ship will leave that evening instead of tomorrow morning.

Then Fix decides to let Passepartout knows about the secret of his mission and offers him a meal in a restaurant. While they both talk thinking that they are referring to the same topic, in reality they are talking at two different tangents. While Fix is referring to the robbery, Passepartout is referring to the fact that Fix is a spy of the Reform Club members. Finally, Fix explains to Passepartout his real purpose, as a detective and Passepartout is shocked.

However, the loyal butler does not believe a word of Fix. Meanwhile, Fix nods to a man from the back corner of the room and the man creeps up behind Passepartout and knocks him on the head. Passepartout falls unconscious in the restaurant while Fix leaves him there.

Meanwhile, Phileas accompanies Aouda for shopping in Hong Kong and Aouda is grateful. Then they retire comfortably to their hotel rooms and the next day they reach the wharf in order to board the Carnatic. But, to their disappointment they learn that the ship has already left. Fix meets them and inquires about their butler as well as about the fact that they have missed the ship. He is happy that Phileas is delayed but Phileas being the determined man he is, he manages to find a ship called Tankadere that can take them to Shanghai. The trustworthy Captain John Bunsby pilots the ship and Phileas is kind enough to ask Detective Fix to take a seat in this hired ship as well. Fix agrees and the group leaves Hong Kong on the ship, with the destination of Shanghai in mind.

Fogg asks John Bunsby to make the ship move as fast as possible. Fix in the meanwhile is worrying about his next course of action. In the night the wind begins to blow and continues during the next day. The ship moves well and Bunsby hopes to reach Shanghai in time. Then the ship gets caught in a squall. Phileas insists that they will not take the ship to an earlier port, but will move towards Shanghai. The Tankadere remaines at sea, despite the furious storm. When the ship has barely a day left, they are still a distance away from Shanghai. Everybody on board is in a state of suspense as to whether they’ll reach, in time to board the next ship.

When they are three miles from Shanghai, they see the Carnatic leaving for Yokohama. Phileas asks Bunsby to signal the ship and he fires little cannon which is supposed to be used for distress call. to their delight, the Carnatic changes course to meet the Tankadere. Phileas and Aouda board the Carnatic with Fiz in his own thought of not believeing what is happening in front of his eyes!


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda

4. Detective Fix

5. clerk

6. monsieur

7. butler

8. members of Reform Club

9. bank robber

10.a man

11.an associate of the police department in Hong Kong

12.a gentleman


14.Captain John Bunsby

15.four hearty sailors

16. travellers

17. criminal


Setting (Places):

1. Hong Kong

2. port

3. dock

4. America

5. cabins on the Carnatic

6. steamer office

7. a small restaurant

8. dark corner of a room

9. London

10.Bank of England





15.San Francisco

16.police station

17.the Tankadere


19.China Seas



1. Draw the scene of the Tankadere which is alone on the seas. The boat rolls and shakes with the storm enrages the passengers of the boat (Phileas, Aouda, Fix, Captain Bunsby and four sailors).

2. What do you think will happen to Passepartout after he is knocked unconscious and left alone in the restaurant?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 12

The people in the picture were performing a special act called human pyramid. They were all dressed like the ancient god Tingou who had a very long nose. In which country was this act perform?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 12- Passepartout Travels on Alone, and Grows a Very Long Nose

Passepartout has managed to board the Carnatic as two members of the crew feel sorry for him and carry him to his cabin. He goes looking for Fogg on the ship but does not find either his master or Aouda. Passepartout reaches Yokohama and not having anything better to do once he is there, he starts to walk about aimlessly on the street. He feels completely stranded. After roaming the European section of the city, he moves to the French and the English consulates, looking for his master. With no luck, he continues exploring the city.

The next morning Passepartout is famished and resolves that he just has to get himself something to eat. Before becoming a strolling artist, he decides to change his garments for old clothes. He gets into a Japanese robe and has some rice with chicken while thinking that he might find a job on the steamer. While moving towards the wharf, he sees a large billboard carried by a clown. Following the clown, he reaches a large cabin decorated with streamers and painted to show a scene of jugglers. Mr Batulcar finally hires Passepartout as the Long Nose.

Passepartout is happy because he will be on his way to San Francisco with the rest to of the troupe. He is to lend the support of his shoulders in the making of the ‘human pyramid’ accompanied by the Long Noses of the god Tingou. When it is the chance for the ‘human pyramid’ Passepartout takes his place but when he sees his master in the audience, he moves away and the human structure collapses. Mr Batulcar is furious but his wrath is silenced by Phileas who gives some money to him as compensation. Phileas, Aouda and Passepartout manage to board the American ship the General Grant, together once again.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Detective Fix

3. Aouda

4. a bleary-eyed passenger with wild and crazy hair (Passepartout)

5. two members of the crew

6. a ship's mate

7. monsieur

8. merchants

9. clothing dealer


11.Mr Batulcar











22.tightrope walkers

23.ancient god Tingou


Setting (Places):

1. the Carnatic

2. Hong Kong

3. two empty rooms

4. restaurant

5. ship

6. cabin

7. dining room

8. Yokohama, Japan

9. streets of Japanese city

10.European section of town

11.the French and English consulates


13.crowded streets





18.a large cabin




22.the General Grant


1. Draw different pictures of Passepartout when:

(a) he stumbles out of his cabin and makes his way to the deck.

(b) he wanders alone in the streets of Japanese city.

(c) he reunites with his master.

2. What are the advantages of Passepartout which make him being accepted in the troupe by Mr Batulcar?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 13

The biggest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean. It covers almost 33% of the Earth’s surface at 169 million square kilometers. Can you label the Pacific Ocean in the map above?
Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 13-Mr Fogg and Party Cross the Pacific Ocean)

Phileas, Aouda and Passepartout sail in the General Grant from Yokohama to San Francisco. Aouda starts getting more and more drawn towards Phileas. Fix in the meanwhile is aboard the General Grant too. But he is without warrant and is frustrated. On seeing Passepartout on the ship, he hides but they do come face to face one day. After Passepartout gives Fix a punch on the nose, the latter explains that he is determined to help Phileas reaching England as early as possible because it is only in England that it can be decided whether Phileas is guilty or not. The both decide to be allies and Passepartout warns Fix not to be treacherous. After eleven days, the General Grant reaches San Francisco.

Phileas goes to the train station, finding out that the train leaving for New York is at six o'clock. Aouda rests at the International Hotel while Passepartout runs some errands. Phileas and Aouda also have a lovely breakfast. Phileas has his passport stamped and the party boards the train for New York at six that evening.

The train speeds through Carlifornia and passes by Sacramento and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. the train stops when a herd of buffaloes passes through the tracks. Then the train passes Utah and they are near Great Salt Lake and then stops in Ogden. The party explores the city and boards the train again after six hours. Passepartout sees a tall man, wearing a long dark coat racing down the platform and jumps on the rear platform, thinking that he must be on a tour around the world too!

The train then moves towards the Rocky Mountains and it is still snowing outside. Phileas and the company play Bridge to pass the long hours in the train. Suddenly, the train stops just before a bridge. the bridge is out and there is no way to pass. They have to wait for six hours for another train, meeting at Medicine Bow. Colonel Proctor, the man in long black coat suggests to the rest to move the train to its top speed and it leaps from one bank of the rive to the other in just a second before the bridge falls apart completely into the water!


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda

4. Detective Fix

5. butler

6. monsieur

7. boss

8. two men

9. bank robber

10.weary passengers

11.the travellers

12.four passengers

13.a herd of buffaloes


15.the Mormons

16.a tall man, wearing long, dark coat

17.Colonel Proctor, the man in long black coat

18.a group of other passengers



Setting (Places):

1. Japan

2. America

3. San Francisco

4. New York city

5. London

6. the Carnatic

7. British soil

8. country

9. cabin

10.the General Grant


12.Hong Kong

13.train station

14.International Hotel




18.the Sierra Nevada Mountains

19.the tracks

20.the prairies


22.the Great Salt Lake


24.fields of wheats and corns


26.an interesting country




30.square houses


32.the Rocky Mountains

33.Medicine Bow

34.banks of a river


1. Phileas has written two journal entries in this chapter, describing his tour around the world. Write out the two journal entries of Phileas according to your own understanding and creativity.

2. Draw the faces of Phileas, Passepartout, Aouda and Fix when the train is speeding and leaping from one bank of the river to the other.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 14

What is the means of transport shown in the above picture? Have you ever board on such transportation? Briefly tell to your friends about your experience.

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 14-Phileas and Passepartout Meet Outlaws and Bandits on the Railroad)

The train passes Fort Saunders and across the Cheyenne Pass to the Evans Pass. Then it goes through the territories of Wyoming and Colorado and into Nebbraska. Just as the train is making its way towards Omaha, there is a loud crash. A gang of almost 100 men attacks the train. They take over the engine car, knock the engineer out and move from car to car, taking whatever they can from the poor travellers.

The train drives faster and faster, if it is not stopped then it certainly will crash. Phileas, Passepartout, Colonel Proctor and many men are fighting with the bandits. Passepartout, with his acrobatic skills, slips out of the car, crawls under the moving train, reaches the engine to pull the safety chain and works on the brakes. Finally the rest of the train stops right in front of the Fort Kearney station while the engine rides off. The bandits when seeing the soldiers at the fort, flee and speed off on horses.

Suddenly, Phileas and Aouda notice that Passepartout is missing! Phileas is determined to find his butler, together with 30 men from the troop's Captain, they go on the mission to save Passepartout and other missing passengers. Fix stays to protect Aouda. Phileas promises to divide 3000 pounds among the men upon the completion of the mission.

After Phileas and the soldiers leave, suddenly, the train is back as the engineer has driven it backwards all the way to Fort Kearney. The enginner then continues the journey to Omaha leaving behind Phileas and Passepartout. Aouda and Fix step down the train, unwilling to leave Phileas and Passepartout. So the train leaves without them. The next day, Phileas is back with Passepartout, knowing that the train has left, Passepartout feels frustrated. Fix suggests that they take the sled belongs to Mudge. Philaes makes a deal with Mudge and they board the sled on the journey to Omaha! Finally they mamage to catch up with the train. They board the train and arrive in Chicago. It stops right in front of the steamer's office. To their surprise, the China has left just 45 minutes before, what a disappointment!


1.Phileas Fogg

2. Aouda

3. Passepartout

4. Detective Fix

5. four passengers

6. monsieur
7. Colonel Proctor

8. other men
9. bandits

10.a gang close to 100 men


12.poor travellers

13.poor conductor

14.brave soldiers








22.a man

23.six people

Setting (Places):

1. Fort Saunders

2. Cheyenne Pass

3. Evans Pass

4. the territories of Wyoming and Colorado

5. Nebraska

6. Fort Kearney

7. Arkansas

8. Fort

9. station




13.New York


15.great white fields





20.the China (steamer)


1. What is a sled? Draw the image of a sled, carrying Phileas, Aouda, Passepartout and Fix with the owner, Mudge controlling the sled passing through the prairie covering with snow.

2. Do they manage to board on the steamer, the China, heading for Liverpool in the end of this chapter?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 15

What is the means of transportation shown in the image above? What does the transport use as fuel?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 15-Phileas Fogg Finds a Way to Liverpool)

It is now December 12. Phileas has just nine days, thirteen hours and forty-five minutes left. His last hope seems to have gone with the China, the steamer that leaves for Liverpool from New York until he sees a small trading ship which is about to leave at the riverside. Phileas goes to the Henrietta. The captain is on deck; Andrew Speedy who is 50 years old, with large round eyes, bright red hair and a copper beard. Phileas negotiates with Captain Speedy and he finally willing to take Phileas and company to Bordeaux for 2000 pounds.

Meanwhile, Phileas and his company board the Henrietta, moving to Bordeaux. Phileas has relates his story to the entire ship's crew and all of them decide to help Phileas to complete his course of going around the world in 80 days. They abandon the captain's order and put the ship on a new course to Liverpool!

Everything goes well for the first few days and then the ship gets caught in a gale. The ship has to fight the wind and they lose time as a result. Also since the ship has been travelling on full steam the vessel runs out of coal, as fuel. Phileas nevertheless asks the engineer to run the ship on full steam. He then summons Captain Speedy and pays him enough money to buy two new ships to be allowed to burn the top of the ship, in order to use them as fuel. Speedy appreciates the large sum of money and lets Phileas do whatever he wants with the ship. The ship manages to reach the port in Liverpool. They finally reach Liverpool, at this moment, Fix suddenly arrests Phileas as he holds the arrest warrant in his hand.

1. Phileas Fogg
2. Captain Andrew Speedy
4. Aouda
5. Detective Fix
6. monsieur
7. robber
8. crew

Setting (Places):
1. the Henrietta
2. Bordeaux
3. Liverpool
4. London
5. Newfoundland
6. the Atlantic Ocean
7. British soil
8. port in Liverpool
9. deck

1. Draw the image of Captain Andrew Speedy according to the descriptions given in this chapter.
2. Draw Phileas' face and his expressions when Fix suddenly arrests him the moment he steps on British soil.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 16

When you look at the image above, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? What place is this? Who were the people kept in this place?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 16-The Wager is Lost!)

Phileas is in the prison. He is confined in the Custom House lock up. Aouda is shocked by Phileas’ arrest whereas, Passepartout feels guilty. While Phileas sits in prison, he calmly watches the hands of a watch move ahead. The thought of trying to escape the prison does cross his mind but there is no way out. While everything seems against him, suddenly Fix and Passepartout come inside his cell. Fix apologises to Phileas, saying that the real robber, James Strand was arrested three days ago and that Phileas is free to go. Phileas gives Fix a punch that knocks him right down.

Passepartout, Phileas and Aouda then go to Liverpool Station. Since the express train to London had already left, Phileas hires a special train and gives the driver an incentive to reach England as fast as possible. But, the train faces all kinds of insurmountable delays and when Phileas steps onto the platform in England, the clocks are striking ten minutes before nine. He thinks he has reached five minutes late. He thinks he has lost his wager.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Detective Fix

4. Aouda

5. monsieur

6. butler

7. policeman

8. bank robber

9. James Strand, the real bank robber


11.station manager

12.three world travellers

Setting (Places):

1. prison

2. Custom House

3. London

4. Reform Club

5. Liverpool

6. cell

7. Edinburgh

8. train station


1. Write out the page of Phileas' journal entry that he writes when he is in the cell.

2. Draw the images of clocks in the train station showing the time when Phileas steps onto the platform in London.