Friday, February 11, 2011

Food for Thought 18: Tang Yuan

Tang yuan (glutinous rice balls)

Food for Thought 19: Steamed Egg

Steamed egg with fried onion and carrot cubes as toppings

Food for Thought 20: Prawn Balls

Homemade prawn balls

Food for Thought 21: Buddha's Palm

Stir fry Buddha's Palm with dried shrimps

Food for Thought 22: Pumpkin

Pumpkin with anchovies, a perfect match

Food for Thought 23: Prawn & Egg Soup

Egg with prawn in soup (with lots oil sesame oil)

Food for Thought 24: Steamboat

Steamboat with lots of vegetables, mushrooms and fishballs

Food for Thought 25: Chicken

Chicken cooked with lots sesame oil and shao hsing wine, it's my favourite~~

Food for Thought 26: Pomfret in Bean Paste

One of my Indonesian online friends even asked me for the recipe of this dish, look how tempting it is:>

Food for Thought 27: Fish Porridge

This is the best fish porridge garnished with fried onions

Beautiful Flower 1: Bougainvillea

Beautiful Flower 2: Hibiscus

Beautiful Flower 3: Cactus Flower

Beautiful Flower 4: Rose

Beautiful Flower 5: Little Sunflowers

Beautiful Flower 6: Zinnia

Beautiful Flower 7: Rose Periwinkle

This is a type of tropical poison flower.

Beautiful Flower 8 : Wild Flower

I do not know the name of this plant but the little flowers are indeed nice to look at..

Beautiful Flower 9: Bougainvillea - In Its Fullest Bloom

This is the bougainvillea planted by my mother. Today the plant is in its fullest bloom. Wow, look at the beautiful flowers all over the plant, it is really awesome!

Beautiful Flowers 10 - Celosia

The Celosia or red cockscomb planted by my mum

Beautiful Flowers 11 - Yellow & Orange Flowers

The yellow and orange flowers are very cute to look at.

Beautiful Flowers 12- Bird Flower

Beautiful Flowers 13 - Red Flowers

Nutritious Fruit 1 & 2: Chilli & Banana

This is the hottest chilli in the world! Dare to try it?

This is the biggest bunch of bananas planted by my mother!

Nutritious Fruit 3: Chiku

These fruits are very sweet and delicious. The tree can bear a lot of fruits at a time, all year long.

Nutritious Fruit 4: Papaya

This papaya plant really bears a lot of fruits, it is still at the back of my house. However, the tree is too tall and the fruits are unreachable to us, only the birds get to taste the sweetness...

Nutritious Fruit 5: Gourd

Stir fry this fruit with egg, the taste is indeed nice:>

Nutritious Fruit 6: Passion Fruit

I am still sour but full of passion!

Poem 1: I Want You But Not Too Much by Kee Li Li

You come so sudden into my life
and I cannot take any percaution
You bring along peace, happiness and excitement

Chaos, sadness and disappointment tack along
I want you so much
I am so sure

Not too much this time
Continuous downpour caused serious flood in my house several years back. It was one of the most helpless situations that I have ever endured. A few weeks back, sitting by the window watching the rain water kept on falling from the sky nonstop, and at the same time wandering when it was going to stop, at that time I really hoped that history would not be repeating especially when Chinese New Year was approaching soon.. still as helpless as before though. Now I am glad that everything is alright, so far so good:>

Poem 2: Waiting Is... by Kee Li Li

Is waiting an agony?
Is waiting a torture?
Does waiting make hours seem longer?


Waiting is a pleasure,
Waiting is a want,
Waiting makes hours seem shorter,
Because I am waiting to return home,
Home sweet home!

When I was teaching in SJK(C) Kahang, Kluang, Johor I always had this kind of anticipation of going back to my home sweet home every year when Chinese New Year was approaching. Now I would like to dedicate this poem to all who are coming back home for Chinese New Year. Always plan properly and have a safe journey back to your home sweet home:>

Poem 3: Change For Better? by Kee Li Li

There you are,
Stranded in a strange place,
Alone without familiar faces by your side,
A bit helpless... yet... beyond control.


You and I are pretty sure,
The change is for better,
Acquire new skills,
Adopt brand new life,
Broaden horizon,

Tomorrow surely will be better!

I got to know that my best friend, Yin Fuen has been posted to a school in Kemaman, Trengganu. Wishing her all the best!

Poem 4: A Good Start Wins Half A Battle by Kee Li Li

It drizzles,
Heart's pounding, breath's pausing,
Mission yet accomplished,
Shall I abort it?

Waiting for a chance,
Patience prevails,
Persistence triumphs,
Reach out to the world,
Walk, walk, walk,
A good start wins half a battle!

I've been doing my part time Masters course for two years already, really cannot wait to finish it up. Really feels tired and exhausted as I need to deal with studies and school work at the same time, I really hope I can withstand all the challenges and triumph in the end of the days' hard work.

Poem 5: Sooner Than I Expected by Kee Li Li

You come sooner than I expected,
Eagerness surrounds me,
Happiness befriends me,
Pleasure surprises me,


You end sooner than I expected,
Reluctance engulfs me,
Sadness conquers me,
Pain pierces me.

As a teacher, the holidays come and go throughout my life and unexpectedly they evolve all kinds of emotions within me.

Poem 6: Now You See It, Next You Don't! by Kee Li Li

You're always by my side,
Been through thin and thick,
Through years of glory and pain,
You never leave me alone.

I long for your disappearance,
I yearn for your departure,
You don't hold a place in my heart,

You better get out of my sight!

For the sake of my health and happiness, I really hope I can lose weight:>