Friday, February 11, 2011

Poem 1: I Want You But Not Too Much by Kee Li Li

You come so sudden into my life
and I cannot take any percaution
You bring along peace, happiness and excitement

Chaos, sadness and disappointment tack along
I want you so much
I am so sure

Not too much this time
Continuous downpour caused serious flood in my house several years back. It was one of the most helpless situations that I have ever endured. A few weeks back, sitting by the window watching the rain water kept on falling from the sky nonstop, and at the same time wandering when it was going to stop, at that time I really hoped that history would not be repeating especially when Chinese New Year was approaching soon.. still as helpless as before though. Now I am glad that everything is alright, so far so good:>

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