Thursday, July 1, 2010

Synopsis of “One Is One and All Alone” in the form of a song

I know a little girl
Her name is little Trish
She is eleven

She goes to planet Trion
With her dearest father
In a big spaceship

The journey takes bout two years’ time
She will be thirteen years old then
She misses her mother
Who is there
Setting space station

What a lovely lonely little Trish
Longing for a human companion
She only has her private diary
VP gives her school lessons
Teaches her on clone and cloning

And she clones herself in BioLab
Her perfect friend and companion
She is in front of Trish, there she is, Clo as her best friend

Trish, Clo are best friends, best friends, best friends
But not for a long time, long time, long time
Trish hates Clo who is always intruding her thoughts and feelings
She wants to get rid of Clo, of Clo
Forever and ever from her life
By disposing her using the spaceship’s disposal system

Clo knows of her plan, her plan, her plan
Turns the table on Trish, on Trish, on Trish
Trish is disposed by her clone but Dad is not aware of this
The one who remains is Clo, is Clo
Now she’s using the name of Trish
"One is One, One is One and All Alone"

I try to write out the synopsis of the story "One Is One and All Alone" as the lyrics of a song and I try to sing it using the rhythm of a song by Ft Island entitled "Love, Love, Love". I plan to teach my students in 2 Melati to sing this as a song on this Saturday. Hope I will get a good result then.

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