Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day's Titbit 2

A mother and daughter were just back home from shopping. There was no one at home as the son and daughter-in-law had gone for work.

Daughter: Mum, did you lock the door just now? I thought you only lock the front door gate..

Mother : No, I didn't lock it, I just close the door only.

Daughter: Are you sure or not, Mum. It is locked!

Mother : Oh my goodness, how come? Does it lock by itself?

Daughter: So weird, I always close the door and lock only the door gate. This never happen to me before for so many years. Can it lock by itself?

Mother : So how are we going to open it?

Daughter: How did you close the door till it is locked by its own, Mum! You have to fix it, I don't know.. I don't have the key for it. I only bring the key for the door gate..

The daughter unloaded the things from her car while the mother tried to think of a way. When the mother tried helplessly to open the door by using a small pair of scissors she found outside... suddenly someone opened the door from inside and her son was standing in front of her.

Mother : Ah Gih ah, why are you at home? Aren't you supposed to be at work?

Son : I have a slight fever so I'm back to rest.

Mother : So you're the one who locked the door. We were wondering how the door was locked by itself. Amek was blaming me just now for causing the door to lock by itself. And the worst thing is that I thought I really did it!

Mother and daughter were laughing heartily as they were so clueless on how the door might lock by itself and they really believed it did happened. The funny thing was that eventually it turned out to be that there was someone inside who locked it and this solved the puzzle!

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  1. This incident happened when my mother and I were back home just now and I found it to be quite amusing so I decided to write it into my blog.. just to share with all of you here.