Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day's Titbit 1

Two teachers were talking about their experience in going to hair salon in the staffroom.

Miss A : Wow, Mr B. A new hair cut today!

Mr B : Yes, yesterday I went to the salon in my village here in Semerah.

Miss A : You don’t go to the salon in town? There are many there especially in Summit Parade with the latest haircut styles.

Mr B : No, I prefer the traditional one here. I went to the modern salon once and you know what, I was “wet” all over.

Miss A : Haha, was it because you’re too nervous or too excited because the one trimming your hair was a young pretty girl?

Mr B : Of course not! The young girl’s skill is still lacking, guess what, she washed my hair till my clothes was wet! The auntie in the traditional salon is better.

Miss A : Haha, I thought you were nervous as the one trimming your hair is a young pretty girl who caused you to sweat all over:>

Mr B : Well, now you know the real story..

Miss A : Yes, I was thinking to far just now, hihi.

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