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Around the World in 80 Days - 10

This is a map of certain part of the world. Can you label Culcutta, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Yokohama, Japan in the map above?
Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 10-The Voyage from India to Hong Kong)

The travellers board the Rangoon. Aouda spends much time getting to know Phileas and Passepartout. Aouda tells that her father is a very wealthy merchant who deals with cottton. They live a wonderful life until he runs into trouble with the bandits. Aouda also has a cousin named Jeejah Jeejeebhoy in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Fix is on the steamer too and his aim is to arrest Phileas in Hong Kong. He keeps thinking about that. He also thinks of telling Passepartout, that his master may be a robber. He goes to the deck and strikes up a conversation with Passepartout. Passepartout is a little surprised to see Fix. But, he nevertheless tells Fix about his adventures in India. Fix learns that the young woman, Aouda, will be accompanying Phileas until Hong Kong and no further.

Passepartout begins to think it is quite strange that he should keep running into Fix. Passepartout finally concludes that Fix must be a spy sent by Phileas' fellow members of the Reform Club. The Rangoon lands in Singaopre a half-day before schedule, this is noted by Phileas in his journal. Phileas goes ashore with Aouda to Singapore to see the island.

They then continue their journey on the Rangoon towards Hong Kong. But this journey is not too smooth and Passepartout is very impatient. He quizzes Fix on the coincidence that Fix is always travelling with them. Fix returns to his cabin perplexed as to how he should now deal with Passepartout.

The weather is rough in the latter days of the voyage to Hong Kong. Phileas remains calm, Passepartout is angry and Fix is delighted at the delay. The Rangoon reaches Hong Kong a day later. An officer informs Phileas that the Carnatic will leave Hong Kong for Yokohama tomorrow morning and Phileas is pleased as he has thought that he has missed the ship. Phileas has some hours before boarding the Carnatic, so he takes Aouda to the Club Hotel in the meanwhile. He goes to look for her relative but finds that Jeejah Jeejeebhoy has moved to Holland from a merchant. It is decided then that Aouda will accompany Phileas to Europe and Passepartout is told to book three cabins on the Carnatic. They will be going to Japan together and from there, they will move on to America.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda

4. Aouda's father

5. Jeejah Jeejeebhoy, Aouda's cousin

6. bandits

7. Mr Fix

8. monsieur

9. passport officer

10.a merchant

Setting (Places):

1. the Rangoon (the steamer)

2. Hong Kong

3. America

4. Bombay

5. Culcutta

6. London

7. India

8. Europe

9. Reform Club




13.passport office

14.ticket office

15.the Carnatic

16.Club Hotel


18.three cabins on the Carnatic


1. Phileas and Passepartout has boarded two steamers throughout their journey around the world so far. List down all the names of the two steamers.

2. Is Aouda's cousin, Jeejah Jeejeebhoy a male or a female?

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