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Around the World in 80 Days - 11

Can you name the place in the the pictures above? After the years pass by, the place has turned to be a cosmopolitan city in China. What is the name of the place? Have you been to the place before?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 11-Passepartout Takes Too Great an Interest in Phileas Fogg, and What Comes of It

Hong Kong is described as a port with ships from all around the world. Passepartout goes roaming around the place. He sees Fix who looks extremely disappointed, Fix has yet to get the warrant to arrest Phileas. Together, they go and book cabins for four persons and Passepartout is happy that the ship will leave that evening instead of tomorrow morning.

Then Fix decides to let Passepartout knows about the secret of his mission and offers him a meal in a restaurant. While they both talk thinking that they are referring to the same topic, in reality they are talking at two different tangents. While Fix is referring to the robbery, Passepartout is referring to the fact that Fix is a spy of the Reform Club members. Finally, Fix explains to Passepartout his real purpose, as a detective and Passepartout is shocked.

However, the loyal butler does not believe a word of Fix. Meanwhile, Fix nods to a man from the back corner of the room and the man creeps up behind Passepartout and knocks him on the head. Passepartout falls unconscious in the restaurant while Fix leaves him there.

Meanwhile, Phileas accompanies Aouda for shopping in Hong Kong and Aouda is grateful. Then they retire comfortably to their hotel rooms and the next day they reach the wharf in order to board the Carnatic. But, to their disappointment they learn that the ship has already left. Fix meets them and inquires about their butler as well as about the fact that they have missed the ship. He is happy that Phileas is delayed but Phileas being the determined man he is, he manages to find a ship called Tankadere that can take them to Shanghai. The trustworthy Captain John Bunsby pilots the ship and Phileas is kind enough to ask Detective Fix to take a seat in this hired ship as well. Fix agrees and the group leaves Hong Kong on the ship, with the destination of Shanghai in mind.

Fogg asks John Bunsby to make the ship move as fast as possible. Fix in the meanwhile is worrying about his next course of action. In the night the wind begins to blow and continues during the next day. The ship moves well and Bunsby hopes to reach Shanghai in time. Then the ship gets caught in a squall. Phileas insists that they will not take the ship to an earlier port, but will move towards Shanghai. The Tankadere remaines at sea, despite the furious storm. When the ship has barely a day left, they are still a distance away from Shanghai. Everybody on board is in a state of suspense as to whether they’ll reach, in time to board the next ship.

When they are three miles from Shanghai, they see the Carnatic leaving for Yokohama. Phileas asks Bunsby to signal the ship and he fires little cannon which is supposed to be used for distress call. to their delight, the Carnatic changes course to meet the Tankadere. Phileas and Aouda board the Carnatic with Fiz in his own thought of not believeing what is happening in front of his eyes!


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda

4. Detective Fix

5. clerk

6. monsieur

7. butler

8. members of Reform Club

9. bank robber

10.a man associate of the police department in Hong Kong

12.a gentleman


14.Captain John Bunsby

15.four hearty sailors

16. travellers

17. criminal


Setting (Places):

1. Hong Kong

2. port

3. dock

4. America

5. cabins on the Carnatic

6. steamer office

7. a small restaurant

8. dark corner of a room

9. London

10.Bank of England





15.San Francisco

16.police station

17.the Tankadere


19.China Seas



1. Draw the scene of the Tankadere which is alone on the seas. The boat rolls and shakes with the storm enrages the passengers of the boat (Phileas, Aouda, Fix, Captain Bunsby and four sailors).

2. What do you think will happen to Passepartout after he is knocked unconscious and left alone in the restaurant?

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