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Around the World in 80 Days - 12

The people in the picture were performing a special act called human pyramid. They were all dressed like the ancient god Tingou who had a very long nose. In which country was this act perform?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 12- Passepartout Travels on Alone, and Grows a Very Long Nose

Passepartout has managed to board the Carnatic as two members of the crew feel sorry for him and carry him to his cabin. He goes looking for Fogg on the ship but does not find either his master or Aouda. Passepartout reaches Yokohama and not having anything better to do once he is there, he starts to walk about aimlessly on the street. He feels completely stranded. After roaming the European section of the city, he moves to the French and the English consulates, looking for his master. With no luck, he continues exploring the city.

The next morning Passepartout is famished and resolves that he just has to get himself something to eat. Before becoming a strolling artist, he decides to change his garments for old clothes. He gets into a Japanese robe and has some rice with chicken while thinking that he might find a job on the steamer. While moving towards the wharf, he sees a large billboard carried by a clown. Following the clown, he reaches a large cabin decorated with streamers and painted to show a scene of jugglers. Mr Batulcar finally hires Passepartout as the Long Nose.

Passepartout is happy because he will be on his way to San Francisco with the rest to of the troupe. He is to lend the support of his shoulders in the making of the ‘human pyramid’ accompanied by the Long Noses of the god Tingou. When it is the chance for the ‘human pyramid’ Passepartout takes his place but when he sees his master in the audience, he moves away and the human structure collapses. Mr Batulcar is furious but his wrath is silenced by Phileas who gives some money to him as compensation. Phileas, Aouda and Passepartout manage to board the American ship the General Grant, together once again.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Detective Fix

3. Aouda

4. a bleary-eyed passenger with wild and crazy hair (Passepartout)

5. two members of the crew

6. a ship's mate

7. monsieur

8. merchants

9. clothing dealer


11.Mr Batulcar











22.tightrope walkers

23.ancient god Tingou


Setting (Places):

1. the Carnatic

2. Hong Kong

3. two empty rooms

4. restaurant

5. ship

6. cabin

7. dining room

8. Yokohama, Japan

9. streets of Japanese city

10.European section of town

11.the French and English consulates

13.crowded streets




18.a large cabin



22.the General Grant


1. Draw different pictures of Passepartout when:

(a) he stumbles out of his cabin and makes his way to the deck.

(b) he wanders alone in the streets of Japanese city.

(c) he reunites with his master.

2. What are the advantages of Passepartout which make him being accepted in the troupe by Mr Batulcar?

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