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Around the World in 80 Days - 14

What is the means of transport shown in the above picture? Have you ever board on such transportation? Briefly tell to your friends about your experience.

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 14-Phileas and Passepartout Meet Outlaws and Bandits on the Railroad)

The train passes Fort Saunders and across the Cheyenne Pass to the Evans Pass. Then it goes through the territories of Wyoming and Colorado and into Nebbraska. Just as the train is making its way towards Omaha, there is a loud crash. A gang of almost 100 men attacks the train. They take over the engine car, knock the engineer out and move from car to car, taking whatever they can from the poor travellers.

The train drives faster and faster, if it is not stopped then it certainly will crash. Phileas, Passepartout, Colonel Proctor and many men are fighting with the bandits. Passepartout, with his acrobatic skills, slips out of the car, crawls under the moving train, reaches the engine to pull the safety chain and works on the brakes. Finally the rest of the train stops right in front of the Fort Kearney station while the engine rides off. The bandits when seeing the soldiers at the fort, flee and speed off on horses.

Suddenly, Phileas and Aouda notice that Passepartout is missing! Phileas is determined to find his butler, together with 30 men from the troop's Captain, they go on the mission to save Passepartout and other missing passengers. Fix stays to protect Aouda. Phileas promises to divide 3000 pounds among the men upon the completion of the mission.

After Phileas and the soldiers leave, suddenly, the train is back as the engineer has driven it backwards all the way to Fort Kearney. The enginner then continues the journey to Omaha leaving behind Phileas and Passepartout. Aouda and Fix step down the train, unwilling to leave Phileas and Passepartout. So the train leaves without them. The next day, Phileas is back with Passepartout, knowing that the train has left, Passepartout feels frustrated. Fix suggests that they take the sled belongs to Mudge. Philaes makes a deal with Mudge and they board the sled on the journey to Omaha! Finally they mamage to catch up with the train. They board the train and arrive in Chicago. It stops right in front of the steamer's office. To their surprise, the China has left just 45 minutes before, what a disappointment!


1.Phileas Fogg

2. Aouda

3. Passepartout

4. Detective Fix

5. four passengers

6. monsieur
7. Colonel Proctor

8. other men
9. bandits

10.a gang close to 100 men


12.poor travellers

13.poor conductor

14.brave soldiers








22.a man

23.six people

Setting (Places):

1. Fort Saunders

2. Cheyenne Pass

3. Evans Pass

4. the territories of Wyoming and Colorado

5. Nebraska

6. Fort Kearney

7. Arkansas

8. Fort

9. station




13.New York


15.great white fields





20.the China (steamer)


1. What is a sled? Draw the image of a sled, carrying Phileas, Aouda, Passepartout and Fix with the owner, Mudge controlling the sled passing through the prairie covering with snow.

2. Do they manage to board on the steamer, the China, heading for Liverpool in the end of this chapter?

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