Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 8

The name of the river in the picture above appears in the title for Chapter 8. Try to guess the name of the river. Why are there so many people in the picture?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 8-The Trip Down the Ganges)

The party reaches the train station in Allahabad by mid-morning. Passepartout is asked to run some errands and he takes the opportunity to explore the city. Then, Passepartout returns. they pay the guide, Ali and bid him farewell. Kiuoni is left in Ali's hands as a gift from Phileas. Ali is too happy to get the well-deserved gift which worth a fortune.

The company boards the train with Aouda following them. She finally comes to her sense and Phileas starts introduce the company, one by one to her. Aouda relates her plight to the men, telling that her family members have been killed by the bandits. To make sure Aouda is safe, Phileas offers to take her to Hong kong, their next destination. Aouda thanks the men for their kindness.

At Benares, Sir Francis gets off after bidding a warm farewell to his companions.


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Sir Francis

4. Ali, the guide

5. Kiouni, the elephant

6. Aouda

Setting (Places):

1. Allahabad

2. train station

3. Benares

4. hut

5. the ground

6. Hong Kong


1. When Phileas offers to take Aouda to Hong Kong with his company, she agrees to it without any hesitations. Why does she react in such a way although she has just known the men for a only while?

2. Passepartout is asked by Phileas to run some errands in the city. What do you think Passepartout has bought this time around?

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