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Around the World in 80 Days - 9

Name the place shown in the picture above. Who are the people that you can find in this place?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 9-Phileas Fogg Spends a Lot of Money)

Just as Fogg, Passepartout and Aouda are leaving the Calcutta station, a policeman approaches them and asks Fogg and Passepartout to accompany him. Aouda too is given permission to accompany Fogg and Passepartout. They are taken to a small room with bars on the windows of a small house and told that they are to present themselves in front of the judge, Judge Obadiah.

When they are presented in court, the three plaintiffs too are brought in. Fogg assumes that these are the members of the gang trying to get Aouda back but he is mistaken. One of them actually produces Passepartout's shoes!.Passepartout is charged because he has entered the holy place with his shoes on. It is Fix who has directed the policeman to take Fogg and Passepartout into custody.

Judge Odadiah takes a note of Passepartout's confession and condemns him to go to prison for seven days and to pay a fine of 150 pounds. Fogg agrees to pay bail for his servant, 2000 pounds so that he does not need to stay in jail. Passepartout is very frustrated with the fact that his master has to pay such a large sum of money. After taking back his shoes, Passepartout follows Fogg out of the courtroom. Detective Fix is very angry because of Fogg’s excessive spending. Since a percentage on the recovered is assigned as a reward for the detectives, Fix is worried that by the time the journey ends and Fogg is caught, there will be a very negligible amount left.

1. Phileas Fogg
2. passengers
3. Aouda
4. Passepartout
5. a policeman
6. Judge Obadiah
7. judge's clerk
8. Detective Fix

Setting (Places):
1. train station in Culcutta
2. Hong Kong
3. a small house
4. a small room with bars on the windows
5. courtroom
6. India

1. Detective Fix is worried that Phileas is so free with his money, why is it so?
2. Do Phileas and his company manage to board the Hong kong steamer on time?

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