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Around the World in 80 Days - 13

The biggest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean. It covers almost 33% of the Earth’s surface at 169 million square kilometers. Can you label the Pacific Ocean in the map above?
Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 13-Mr Fogg and Party Cross the Pacific Ocean)

Phileas, Aouda and Passepartout sail in the General Grant from Yokohama to San Francisco. Aouda starts getting more and more drawn towards Phileas. Fix in the meanwhile is aboard the General Grant too. But he is without warrant and is frustrated. On seeing Passepartout on the ship, he hides but they do come face to face one day. After Passepartout gives Fix a punch on the nose, the latter explains that he is determined to help Phileas reaching England as early as possible because it is only in England that it can be decided whether Phileas is guilty or not. The both decide to be allies and Passepartout warns Fix not to be treacherous. After eleven days, the General Grant reaches San Francisco.

Phileas goes to the train station, finding out that the train leaving for New York is at six o'clock. Aouda rests at the International Hotel while Passepartout runs some errands. Phileas and Aouda also have a lovely breakfast. Phileas has his passport stamped and the party boards the train for New York at six that evening.

The train speeds through Carlifornia and passes by Sacramento and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. the train stops when a herd of buffaloes passes through the tracks. Then the train passes Utah and they are near Great Salt Lake and then stops in Ogden. The party explores the city and boards the train again after six hours. Passepartout sees a tall man, wearing a long dark coat racing down the platform and jumps on the rear platform, thinking that he must be on a tour around the world too!

The train then moves towards the Rocky Mountains and it is still snowing outside. Phileas and the company play Bridge to pass the long hours in the train. Suddenly, the train stops just before a bridge. the bridge is out and there is no way to pass. They have to wait for six hours for another train, meeting at Medicine Bow. Colonel Proctor, the man in long black coat suggests to the rest to move the train to its top speed and it leaps from one bank of the rive to the other in just a second before the bridge falls apart completely into the water!


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda

4. Detective Fix

5. butler

6. monsieur

7. boss

8. two men

9. bank robber

10.weary passengers

11.the travellers

12.four passengers

13.a herd of buffaloes

15.the Mormons

16.a tall man, wearing long, dark coat

17.Colonel Proctor, the man in long black coat

18.a group of other passengers



Setting (Places):

1. Japan

2. America

3. San Francisco

4. New York city

5. London

6. the Carnatic

7. British soil

8. country

9. cabin

10.the General Grant


12.Hong Kong

13.train station

14.International Hotel



18.the Sierra Nevada Mountains

19.the tracks

20.the prairies


22.the Great Salt Lake


24.fields of wheats and corns

25.ground interesting country



30.square houses


32.the Rocky Mountains

33.Medicine Bow

34.banks of a river


1. Phileas has written two journal entries in this chapter, describing his tour around the world. Write out the two journal entries of Phileas according to your own understanding and creativity.

2. Draw the faces of Phileas, Passepartout, Aouda and Fix when the train is speeding and leaping from one bank of the river to the other.

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