Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days - 15

What is the means of transportation shown in the image above? What does the transport use as fuel?

Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 15-Phileas Fogg Finds a Way to Liverpool)

It is now December 12. Phileas has just nine days, thirteen hours and forty-five minutes left. His last hope seems to have gone with the China, the steamer that leaves for Liverpool from New York until he sees a small trading ship which is about to leave at the riverside. Phileas goes to the Henrietta. The captain is on deck; Andrew Speedy who is 50 years old, with large round eyes, bright red hair and a copper beard. Phileas negotiates with Captain Speedy and he finally willing to take Phileas and company to Bordeaux for 2000 pounds.

Meanwhile, Phileas and his company board the Henrietta, moving to Bordeaux. Phileas has relates his story to the entire ship's crew and all of them decide to help Phileas to complete his course of going around the world in 80 days. They abandon the captain's order and put the ship on a new course to Liverpool!

Everything goes well for the first few days and then the ship gets caught in a gale. The ship has to fight the wind and they lose time as a result. Also since the ship has been travelling on full steam the vessel runs out of coal, as fuel. Phileas nevertheless asks the engineer to run the ship on full steam. He then summons Captain Speedy and pays him enough money to buy two new ships to be allowed to burn the top of the ship, in order to use them as fuel. Speedy appreciates the large sum of money and lets Phileas do whatever he wants with the ship. The ship manages to reach the port in Liverpool. They finally reach Liverpool, at this moment, Fix suddenly arrests Phileas as he holds the arrest warrant in his hand.

1. Phileas Fogg
2. Captain Andrew Speedy
4. Aouda
5. Detective Fix
6. monsieur
7. robber
8. crew

Setting (Places):
1. the Henrietta
2. Bordeaux
3. Liverpool
4. London
5. Newfoundland
6. the Atlantic Ocean
7. British soil
8. port in Liverpool
9. deck

1. Draw the image of Captain Andrew Speedy according to the descriptions given in this chapter.
2. Draw Phileas' face and his expressions when Fix suddenly arrests him the moment he steps on British soil.


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    1. Of course you can, feel free to use it!