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Around the World in 80 Days - 17

The above image is the World Time Zone Map. If the time is 12.29p.m. on 22 December, 2011 in Malaysia, what is the exact day and time in London, England?
Around the World in 80 Days
Summary (Chapter 17-The Wager Is Won!)

Phileas, Aouda and Passepartout return to the Savile Row house. Phileas seems calm outwardly though his fortune has completely dwindled. Aouda and Passepartout are both worried about Phileas.

Passepartout continues to feel guilty and even tells Phileas that he is sorry. But Phileas blames no one. The day passes by wearily. In the evening, Phileas meets Aouda, asking for her forgiveness fo rtaking her to England. As the
course of the conversation goes, Aouda asks Phileas whether he would like to have her as his wife. He confesses his own love for her. Passepartout is called and asked to give due notice to the Reverend at the Marylebone Parish, so that Phileas and Aouda may be married the next day, that is Monday. phileas and Aouda are sitting in the sitting room while waiting for Passepartout. Suddenly, Passepartout races into the sitting room telling his master that it is impossible to get married tomorrow as it will be a Sunday tomorrow! They quickly jump into a cab heading for Reform Club.

Meanwhile, Phileas’s five fellow club members come together at the Club. All of them discuss whether Phileas will be able to make it on time. They think that he will not be able to. As their tension grows, they start counting the seconds to the time of the wager. At the fifty-seventh second, Phileas makes his appearance in his usual calm way.

The mistake of a day is made. It is to do with Phileas having gained time while travelling eastward. Phileas and Passepartout have forgotten to consider the different time zones aound the world. As they travel east, they have gained an hour here and there. By the time they reach London, they have actually gained an entire day! Aouda and Phileas get married two days later. Passepartout continues to work as butler for Phileas.

Phileas has won the wager and made a grand tour around the world. He rides an elephant, buys a boat, takes many trains, sails on many steamers and has a great adventure. And what has he gained for his trouble? Well, a wonderful woman who makes him truly happy indeed, and isn't that just good enough for any good man?


1. Phileas Fogg

2. Passepartout

3. Aouda


5. kind man

6. faithful butler

7. monsieur

8. Phileas' friends

9. kind girl



12.Phileas' bridge partners





Setting (Places):

1. Phileas' house

2. Savile row

3. Reform Club

4. bank

5. home

6. Phileas' room

7. Marylebone Parish

8. sitting room

9. grand hall


11.the China



1. There are two Andrews in this novel. Can you tell the differences of the two?

2. Phileas has boarded and travelled on many steamers throughout his tour around the world. List out all the names of the steamers taken by Phileas.

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