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Around the World in 80 Days - 2

How many cards does a player get in a Bridge Game?

Around the World in 80 Days

Summary (Chapter 2-Phileas Fogg Says Something He Might Regret)

Phileas Fogg, reaches the Reform Club after walking the 575 steps. He goes at once to the dining room and takes his place at the habitual table. He eats his lunch as usual and then he spends a considerable amount of time reading newspapers in the great hall. Then he goes back to the dining room for his meal. Mr Fogg reappears in the Reading Room. Mr. Fogg’s usual partners (Andrew Stuart, Thomas Flanagan, John Sullivan, Samuel Fallentin, Ralph Gauthier) appear and all of them begin to discuss a famous robbery that has recently taken place at a bank in London in which the robber gets away with 55,000 pounds.

As soon as the robbery is discovered, picked detectives hasten off to various ports, inspired by the reward of 2000 pounds. There are real grounds for supposing that the thief does not belong to a professional band but is a gentleman. The papers and clubs are full of the affair, and everywhere people are discussing the probabilities of a successful pursuit; and the Reform Club is especially agitated, several of its members being Bank officials.

The players argue whether the thief will be caught or not. Then Mr Fogg declares that it is possible to go around the world in 80 days so it is possible to track down the robber. John Sullivan supports this conjecture and shows the group the estimate made by the paper that claims that a journey around the world can be done in 80 days. Mr Stuart thinks that the journey may sound plausible theoretically but is not feasible practically. He dares Mr Fogg to complete such a feat himself and in his excitement, he puts a wager of 4000 pounds. Phileas Fogg insists that he can carry out the quest.

He bets 20,000 pounds against anyone that he will make the tour of the world in 80 days or less. Mr. Fogg decides to take the train to Dover that very evening (Wednesday, the 2nd October, 1867) and tells his challengers that he will be back in the Reform Club, on Saturday, the 21 st of December, 1867. A memorandum of the wager is at once drawn up and signed by the six parties. The party offers to suspend the game so that Mr. Fogg can make his preparations for departure but the latter is calm and insists on playing some more.


1. Phileas' usual waiter

2. Phileas fogg

3. Andrew Stuart-engineer

4. Thomas Flanagan-landowner

5. John Sullivan-newspaper owner

6. Samuel Fallentin- newspaper owner

7. Ralph Gauthier-works in Bank of England

8. robber

9. detectives

10.a well-dressed gentleman



Setting (Places):

1. Reform Club

2. dining room

3. garden

4. great hall

5. Phileas' usual table

6. Reading Room

7. bank (robbed of 55,000 pounds 3 days ago)

8. across the country

9. the world (where money goes missing)

11.great railway in India


13. Dover


1. Find the definition for the word 'wager'.

2.Mr Phileas Fogg and his partners are playing cards. What kind of cards are they playing?

3. Write out the memorandum signed by Mr Phileas Fogg and the men according to your own creativity and imagination.

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