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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 1)

Catch Us If You Can

Synopsis of Chapter 1

        Rory and his grandfather are waiting to see Dr Nicol, their family doctor at the doctor’s waiting room. Rory calls his grandfather as Granda. Granda cannot sit still. He goes off to smoke his pipe and comes back. Granda walks over to the noticeboard.

        There is an old woman sitting beside it. Rory asks Granda to sit still. A young girl about sixteen years old comes in with a baby in her arms. Granda stands up and opens the door for her. Granda asks Rory to help to take her bag. Granda likes the baby and starts talking to it. The young girl giggles and says the baby name is Lorelei. Granda then asks if the young girl calls her baby after Marilyn Monroe and she is confused. The young girl again says that her baby’s name is Lorelei and not Marilyn. Granda is good about films and Marilyn Monroe is one of his favourites.
        Suddenly the old woman smells smoke. The young girl also smells it as well. She jumps up and shouts that Granda is on fire. Everyone in the doctor’s waiting room sees that Granda’s pocket is burning. Then the smoke alarm begins to wail. The receptionist rushes to them yet Granda is still smiling. Rory grabs a vase filled with flowers from the receptionist’s counter and throws the water all over Granda.
        Dr Nicol is surprised to see Mister McIntosh wet. Granda complains that Rory is trying to drown him. Rory says that it is not the first time his grandfather sets something on fire. Dr Nicol likes Granda and Rory; both are like double act that always makes him laugh. Dr Nicol is glad that he has a grandson like Rory who looks after him and reminds him to take his medicine. Dr Nicol tries to get Rory a home help. Rory agrees that a home help will be a good idea but Granda does not like it. Granda’s memory is getting bad from worse. He leaves shoes in the fridge and milk at the bottom of the wardrobe. Rory needs help to look after his grandfather who is very forgetful nowadays.



1. Mister McIntosh (Granda) (Rory’s grandfather)
2. Rory
3. Dr Nicol (Granda’s and Rory’s family doctor)
4. old woman
5. young girl
6. baby (Lorelei)
7. Marilyn Monroe (was an American actress)
8. receptionist
1. doctor’s waiting room
2. toilet
3. the house
4. receptionist’s desk
5. the fridge
6. bottom of the wardrobe
7. Dr Nicol’s office
8. Rory’s pocket
Answer the following questions.
1.    Who is Rory to Granda?
2.    Is Rory a boy or a girl?
3.    What is the name of the baby girl?
4.    What is the name of Granda’s and Rory’s family doctor?
5.    What does Rory take out from his pocket?
6.    What does Granda mistakenly put in the fridge?
7.    What does Granda mistakenly put at the bottom of the wardrobe?
8.    How does Dr Nicol intend to help Rory?
9.    What has happened to Granda while waiting to see the doctor?
10. How does Rory help to put out the fire on Granda?
Name the place in the picture.


  1. Answers:
    1. Granda's grandson
    2. A boy
    3. Lorelei
    4. Dr Nicol
    5. Granda's prescriptions
    6. Shoes
    7. Milk
    8. To get Rory a home help
    9. Granda is on fire.
    10. Put out the fire by using water from a vase at the receptionist desk.

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