Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 2)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 2

          Rory’s grandfather likes to keep his homework ‘somewhere safe’ and Rory is trying hard to locate his homework. Granda remembers putting it in Rory’s school bag when he is putting the rubbish down the chute. Rory’s guess is right when he finds a bag of eggshells and potato peelings in his school bag. He imagines his homework lying among the rubbish.

           Rory does not know how to tell to his teacher, Mrs Foley. Darren Fisher, Rory’s best friend suggests to him by saying that aliens take it away. Rory’s other classmates gather around him at the playground trying to help him too. His friends like Granda and his stories. Granda is almost arrested for shoplifting when a hanger with a suit on it gets caught in the belt of his raincoat and he walks out of the shop without noticing it.

          Rory confesses to Mrs Foley about the loss of his homework. Mrs Foley asks about Granda’s condition and if he is coming to Parents’ Night. Granda never misses it before. Mrs Foley asks Rory to stay back and do the homework. However, Rory cannot stay back because Granda is making lunch and is waiting for him to have lunch together.

           Rory runs out of the playground towards his flats. He buys two hot pies, one for him and one for Granda. Granda does not cook at all; in fact Rory has to bring him lunch every day. Rory has to make sure Granda takes his medicine too. Granda is old now and Rory thinks that he has the responsibility to look after him.

1. Mister McIntosh (Granda) (Rory’s grandfather)

2. Rory
3. Mrs Foley (Rory’s teacher)
4. Darren Fisher (Rory’s best friend)
5. Rory’s classmates
1. on the table
2. in the schoolbag
3. kitchen
4. chute
5. school
6. playground
7. road
8. across the street
9. block of flats

10.the bakers'
Name the food in the picture.
Answer the following questions.
1.        Who is Rory’s teacher?
2.        Who is Rory’s best friend?
3.        Where are Rory and his classmates?
4.        Why Granda is almost arrested for shoplifting?
5.        What does Mrs Foley ask Rory to do at lunchtime?
6.        What does Granda mistakenly put in the schoolbag?
7.        What does Granda mistakenly put down the chute?
8.        Where do Rory and his Granda live?
9.        What does Rory buy at the bakers’?

10.       Is Rory a filial grandson? Why?

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  1. 1. Mrs Foley
    2. Darren Fisher
    3. At the playground
    4. Granda walks out of a shop without noticing a suit hanged on a hanger actually gets caught in the belt of his raincoat
    5. Stay behind to do his homework
    6. rubbish
    7. Rory's homework
    8. Flats
    9. Two hot pies
    10. Yes, he thinks he has the responsibility to look after his grandfather.