Monday, October 15, 2012

The Fruitcake Special - The Theme of the Short Story

The Fruitcake Special - The Theme of the Short Story
             I have selected the short story entitled 'The Fruitcake Special' written by Frank Brennan in order to answer the question. The theme in the short story is perseverance is the best motivation towards success which is portrayed by Armstrong, the pizza delivery man. Armstrong is a quite good looking man, a bit short and a little thin on top. He portrays the above theme through his character traits; he is a persistent person, he does not give up easily and he is a determined person. His character traits earns him success in the end of the story.
            First and foremost, Armstrong is a persistent person. He delivers pizza for Anna for a week when her cooker breaks down. He falls in love with Anna the very first time he delivers pizza to her. However, he wants to be a success before asking Anna out. He sets his goal and works hard towards his goal. Finally, he succeeds in his life and owns his own pizza company, Armstrong’s Peachy Pizza. He works very hard to transform himself from an employee to a real boss of a pizza company.
            In addition to this, Armstrong does not give up easily. He knows that Anna deserves no less. This is the reason why he never confesses his love towards Anna when he was only a pizza delivery man although he loves her. To him, Anna deserves more and he has the responsibility to make sure that he is good enough for Anna before he confesses his love towards her. He knows that he has the responsibility to provide the best for the woman he loves. He does not give up on his love but works hard towards making himself to be a better man who deserves Anna's love.
            Last but not least, Armstrong is a determined person. He dares to confess his love towards Anna, the woman he loves. He knows very well that Anna is the one for him and he tells everything about his feelings to Anna and gives her flowers. Finally, Anna sees Armstrong as a strong candidate for a good husband and accepts his love.
            In conclusion, the theme of the short story is perseverance is the best motivation towards success, portrayed by Armstrong, the ‘pizza delivery man’ who is a persistent and deternied person who does not give up easily. Armstrong shows his perseverance through his unique character traits which earn him the title of a company's boss and also the recognition of the woman he loves the most.

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  1. typo on last paragraph "deternied" should be "determined"