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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 1)

Catch Us If You Can

Synopsis of Chapter 1

        Rory and his grandfather are waiting to see Dr Nicol, their family doctor at the doctor’s waiting room. Rory calls his grandfather as Granda. Granda cannot sit still. He goes off to smoke his pipe and comes back. Granda walks over to the noticeboard.

        There is an old woman sitting beside it. Rory asks Granda to sit still. A young girl about sixteen years old comes in with a baby in her arms. Granda stands up and opens the door for her. Granda asks Rory to help to take her bag. Granda likes the baby and starts talking to it. The young girl giggles and says the baby name is Lorelei. Granda then asks if the young girl calls her baby after Marilyn Monroe and she is confused. The young girl again says that her baby’s name is Lorelei and not Marilyn. Granda is good about films and Marilyn Monroe is one of his favourites.
        Suddenly the old woman smells smoke. The young girl also smells it as well. She jumps up and shouts that Granda is on fire. Everyone in the doctor’s waiting room sees that Granda’s pocket is burning. Then the smoke alarm begins to wail. The receptionist rushes to them yet Granda is still smiling. Rory grabs a vase filled with flowers from the receptionist’s counter and throws the water all over Granda.
        Dr Nicol is surprised to see Mister McIntosh wet. Granda complains that Rory is trying to drown him. Rory says that it is not the first time his grandfather sets something on fire. Dr Nicol likes Granda and Rory; both are like double act that always makes him laugh. Dr Nicol is glad that he has a grandson like Rory who looks after him and reminds him to take his medicine. Dr Nicol tries to get Rory a home help. Rory agrees that a home help will be a good idea but Granda does not like it. Granda’s memory is getting bad from worse. He leaves shoes in the fridge and milk at the bottom of the wardrobe. Rory needs help to look after his grandfather who is very forgetful nowadays.



1. Mister McIntosh (Granda) (Rory’s grandfather)
2. Rory
3. Dr Nicol (Granda’s and Rory’s family doctor)
4. old woman
5. young girl
6. baby (Lorelei)
7. Marilyn Monroe (was an American actress)
8. receptionist
1. doctor’s waiting room
2. toilet
3. the house
4. receptionist’s desk
5. the fridge
6. bottom of the wardrobe
7. Dr Nicol’s office
8. Rory’s pocket
Answer the following questions.
1.    Who is Rory to Granda?
2.    Is Rory a boy or a girl?
3.    What is the name of the baby girl?
4.    What is the name of Granda’s and Rory’s family doctor?
5.    What does Rory take out from his pocket?
6.    What does Granda mistakenly put in the fridge?
7.    What does Granda mistakenly put at the bottom of the wardrobe?
8.    How does Dr Nicol intend to help Rory?
9.    What has happened to Granda while waiting to see the doctor?
10. How does Rory help to put out the fire on Granda?
Name the place in the picture.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 2)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 2

          Rory’s grandfather likes to keep his homework ‘somewhere safe’ and Rory is trying hard to locate his homework. Granda remembers putting it in Rory’s school bag when he is putting the rubbish down the chute. Rory’s guess is right when he finds a bag of eggshells and potato peelings in his school bag. He imagines his homework lying among the rubbish.

           Rory does not know how to tell to his teacher, Mrs Foley. Darren Fisher, Rory’s best friend suggests to him by saying that aliens take it away. Rory’s other classmates gather around him at the playground trying to help him too. His friends like Granda and his stories. Granda is almost arrested for shoplifting when a hanger with a suit on it gets caught in the belt of his raincoat and he walks out of the shop without noticing it.

          Rory confesses to Mrs Foley about the loss of his homework. Mrs Foley asks about Granda’s condition and if he is coming to Parents’ Night. Granda never misses it before. Mrs Foley asks Rory to stay back and do the homework. However, Rory cannot stay back because Granda is making lunch and is waiting for him to have lunch together.

           Rory runs out of the playground towards his flats. He buys two hot pies, one for him and one for Granda. Granda does not cook at all; in fact Rory has to bring him lunch every day. Rory has to make sure Granda takes his medicine too. Granda is old now and Rory thinks that he has the responsibility to look after him.

1. Mister McIntosh (Granda) (Rory’s grandfather)

2. Rory
3. Mrs Foley (Rory’s teacher)
4. Darren Fisher (Rory’s best friend)
5. Rory’s classmates
1. on the table
2. in the schoolbag
3. kitchen
4. chute
5. school
6. playground
7. road
8. across the street
9. block of flats

10.the bakers'
Name the food in the picture.
Answer the following questions.
1.        Who is Rory’s teacher?
2.        Who is Rory’s best friend?
3.        Where are Rory and his classmates?
4.        Why Granda is almost arrested for shoplifting?
5.        What does Mrs Foley ask Rory to do at lunchtime?
6.        What does Granda mistakenly put in the schoolbag?
7.        What does Granda mistakenly put down the chute?
8.        Where do Rory and his Granda live?
9.        What does Rory buy at the bakers’?

10.       Is Rory a filial grandson? Why?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 3)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 3
               Mr Hood, Rory, Darren and Mary Bailey are at the field where football practice is going on. Mr Hood asks Rory to be in the football team. Rory refuses as he has to look after his Granda. Darren and Mary quarrel. Mr Hood drags Mary to the headmaster's office. Darren again suggests Rory to be on the team. Rory states the same reason. Darren thinks that Rory's Granda should be in a home and Rory is angry about it. Granda always talks about Rachnadar, the local old people's hospital to Rory. His Granda would rather die than to live there. Darren's mother tells Darren that Rory's Granda will be better there. Rory runs off before Darren could say another word. Granda only has Rory and Rory only has granda as his kin.
               Rory tries his best to coach Granda on how to behave as Parents' Night is coming up soon. He wants to reassure Mrs Foley that Granda has all his marbles. One day, Rory comes home to discover that Granda mistakenly peels a bag of apples and cuts them into chips. Granda thinks that the apples are potatoes! Granda also tries to help with the cooking but he leaves the electric rings switch on and burns out a pot.
               That night Rory and Granda are watching television when Granda watches Rory closely. Rory is thinking about his father. Granda is angry at the mention of Rory's father. Granda and Granny have spoilt him too much. He gets what he wants as a child. When he is tired of them, he throws them aside. He treats Rory's mother in the same way. Rory's father leaves Rory's mother and Rory when he is a baby. Granda does not want to talk about Rory's father. Granda only has a son, none other than Rory!
1. Mr Hood
2. Rory McIntosh
3. Darren
4. Mary Bailey
5. Granda
6. Darren's mum
7. Mrs Foley
8. Rory's parents
1. Football field
2. playground
3. headmaster's office
4. Rachnadar, the local old people's hospital (home)
5. Rory's home
Name the place in the picture. What is the game that you can play here?
Answer the following questions.
1. Who is Mr Hood?
2. What does Mr Hood ask Rory to do?
3. Why does Rory refuse to be on the football team?
4. What is Rachnadar?
5. Where is Rachnadar?
6. Who suggests that Granda should be put in a home?
7. Where does Granda put the potatoes?
8. Where does Granda put the apples?
9. What does Rory say that makes Granda angry?
10. Is Rory's father a responsible man? Why?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 4)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 4
          Rory and his Granda walk to the school on Parents' Night. Granda wears slippers and they go back home again to change so they are the last to arrive. There are many parents waiting patiently in queue. Darren comes and greets Granda. Granda looks around ans asks where Holy Foley is. Granda then goes to the toilet on his own.  He does not want Rory to accompany him. Rory is worried about Granda. Luckily Granda steps back into the classroom. It is Rory's turn and Mrs Foley talks to Granda about Rory's homework. Granda leans forward and says that Mrs Foley indeed has moustache, just as what Rory has told him!    
           Suddenly, Mrs Foley smells that something is on fire. Clouds of smoke is billowing from the pocket of Granda's coat hanging on a hook. Then Mrs Foley's coat, pale green with a little matching scarf is on fire too because it is beside Granda's coat. People walk out of the classroom into the playground as the caretaker ushers them.
        Granda goes to the toilet earlier to take a puff. Then he puts his pipe in his pocket but he forgets about it. However, Granda finds the whole thing funny and exciting just like other boys feel. Luckily, Darren's father helps to put out the fire. Mrs Foley looks at Granda angrily.
1. Granda (Mister McIntosh)
2. Parents
3. Mrs Foley (Holy Foley)
4. Darren
5. Darren's father
1. school
2. the toilets
3. the classrooms
4. Rory's home
5. the playground
Name the object in the picture above. What does Granda put on it?
Answer the following questions:
1. When does Rory and Granda walk to the school?
2. Where does Granda go on his own?
3. Who comes to greet Granda?
4. Where does Granda hang his coat?
5. What does Granda put in the pocket of his coat?
6. What happens to Granda's coat?
7. Who helps to put out the fire?
8. What does Rory tell to Granda about Mrs Foley?
9. How does Granda address Mrs Foley?
10.Why is Mrs Foley angry with Granda?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 5)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 5
        Darren and Rory's other friends are delighted with Granda's attempt to 'set the school on fire' and they exaggerate on it. Granda admits that it must have been his fault. Darren's mother is worried that it might happen again maybe in the middle of the night at Rory's home. She thinks that Rory should not shoulder such big responsibility. He should be playing football! Rory confirms it will not happen as he hides Granda's pipe before he goes to bed.
          Meanwhile, Val Jessup, the social worker comes to see Granda and Rory. She is sent by Dr Nicol. Val Jessup is trying to organise a home help who comes in at lunchtime and prepares food for Granda. She will also make sure Granda takes his medicine. With the home help, Rory dreams of joining the football team again.
        Val Jessup makes Granda thinks of Grace Kelly, a beautiful film star just because both have fair hair! Granda tucks Rory into bed and Rory thinks life will be better as they have a social worker now.
       Mrs Foley asks Rory about things at home. Rory tells that now they have a social worker and will have a home help soon. One day after school, Rory runs for the bakery and two hot pies. The baker tells Rory about his flats which is on fire. Rory rushes to his flats. His neighbour, Mrs MacKay scolds Granda for causing the fire. Rory is very angry with her. He tries to defend his Granda. Rory throws himself at her and tries to kick her. The policemen stop him.
        One policeman informs Rory that Granda is in hospital now but he will be all right. Rory recalls that he hides his Granda's pipe. However, the policeman tells Rory that Granda leaves the chip an on and forgets about it. this causes the fire. Rory is perplexed as he does not know what is his Granda doing with a chip pan.
1. Granda
2. Darren
3. Mrs Foley
4. Rory's friends
5. Some of the parents
6. the caretaker
7. Darren's mother
8. Rory
9. Val Jessup (the social worker)
10.Dr Nicol
11.a home help
12.Grace Kelly (a beautiful film star)
13.Mrs MacKay (Rory's neighbour)
14.the policemen
1. the school
2. living room
3. Rory's bedroom
4. the toilet
5. Granda's bedroom
6. the bakery
7. flats
8. the hospital
Name the object in the picture above. Why do you think it is on fire?
Answer the following questions.
1. Who are delighted of the fire in the school?
2. Who is worried that the fire might happen again?
3. Why does Rory assure that the fire will not happen in the middle of the night at Rory's home?
4. Who is Val Jessup and who sends her over to Rory's home?
5. How is Val Jessup going to help Rory and Granda?
6. What happens to Rory's flats?
7. What is the name of Rory's neighbour?
8. Where is Granda now?
9. What causes the fire?
10.Who leaves the chip pan on and forgets about it?


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 6)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 6
        A policewoman brings Rory to the hospital to visit Granda. Granda suffers from smoke inhalation and he does not look too good. When Rory sees Granda, he has drips and needles attached and monitors beeping all around him. His face is covered with an oxygen mask. Rory is very worried about his Granda's condition. Rory prays hard for Granda to wake up soon.
        Val Jessup comes into the room. She believes Granda is going to be all right. She brings sandwiches for Rory from the hospital canteen. Val Jessup asks Rory to stay at the children's home at Castle Street as his flat is burnt. Rory thinks of Darren's house but his house is too crowded. The children's home is a nightmare for Rory and he does not want to go there. However, Rory does not have a choice. He knows that Granda will feel better if he is being taken care of. Rory follows Val Jessup's car to the children's home at Castle Street.

1. policewoman
2. Granda (Mister McIntosh)
3. Rory
4. the nurses
5. cleaners
6. a male nurse
7. Val Jessup
8. Darren
9. Darren's family members (two little sisters, big brother, big brother's girlfriend & their baby)
10.the staff in the children's home

1. the hospital
2. the corridor to the room
3. the hospital canteen
4. Rory's flats
5. Darren's house
6. the children's home at Castle Street
7. Rachnadar

Name the place in the picture above. Who has to stay temporarily at the place above?
Answer the following questions.
1. Who brings Rory to the hospital?
2. Who is admitted to the hospital?
3. Why is Granda admitted to the hospital?
4. Who comes into the room later on?
5. What does Val Jessup give to Rory?
6. Does Rory eat the sandwiches?
7. Is Granda going to be all right?
8. Where does Rory has to stay temporarily?
9. Where is the children's home?
10.How does Rory go to the children's home?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 7)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 7
          Rory is on his way to the children's home. He recalls the scary sight of the children's home. Rory regrets not hiding the chip pan. Rory is determined to stay in the children's home only until Granda is out of hospital. He jumps out of the car.
          A tall gangly youth, tony welcomes Rory. He leads them to the kitchen. A group of boys and girls are having supper of toast and cheese. Rory feels hungry. Tony introduces the boys and girls (Jackie, Georgie, Tom) to Rory. Tom offers toast to Rory. Jackie asks Rory to sit beside him. They ask Rory about Granda as Val Jessup has told to them earlier about him.
       Val Jessup leaves and promises to take Rory to hospital the next morning. Rory thinks of Granda again. Jackie, Georgie and Tom talk to Rory. Suddenly, they hear a voice shouting and swearing. It is Tess. She loses her temper and messes up the kitchen. A young woman and Tony drag her back to her room.
        Rory sleeps in a room with Tom and Jackie. He still hears Tess' shouting. Rory thinks and misses his Granda again. He tries not to cry.

1. wizards
2. warlocks
3. Val Jessup
4. Rory
5. Granda
6. a tall gangly youth (Tony)
7. a group of boys and girls
8. Jackie
9. Georgie
10.Tom worker
12.a young woman

1. Castle Street
2. an old Victorian villa
3. children's home
4. the kitchen
5. hospital
6. Tess' room
7. the local jail
8. school
9. the hall

Name the food in the picture above.

 Answer the following questions.
1. Does Rory like to stay at the children's home? Why?
2. Who welcomes Rory at the children's home?
3. What are the boys and girls doing in the kitchen?
4. What are they having for supper?
5. What does Tom prepare for Rory?
6. Who is shouting and swearing?
7. Name the two boys and one girl who talk to Rory.
8. Where does Rory sleep?
9. Does Rory feel happy in the children's home? Why?
10.What does Val Jessup promise to Rory?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 8)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 8
        Rory wakes up and he is ready to go to the hospital. Tom and Jackie also get ready for their different school. Tony informs them that breakfast is ready. The boys take the breakfast together with Tess who looks unkempt and Nellie, the woman who looks after Tess. Tess glares at Rory. She asks how long Rory is going to stay, hopefully long enough for her to thump him.

        Tess boards a taxi to her private tutor. The children leave for school. Val Jessup comes. Meanwhile Tony phones the hospital and Rory gets to know that Granda is awake. He even tries some breakfast. Rory reaches the hospital and he races towards Granda's room. Rory leaps on to the bed. Granda hugs Rory closely.
        Granda tells Rory about the incident. He plans to make some chips on the chip pan to go with the pies. He then tries looking for potatoes in the wardrobe. That is all Granda can recall. Granda asks if Rory stays with Mrs MacKay or Val Jessup for the night. Rory hesitates, saying he stays in Val Jessup's spare room at her house. Granda is agitated as he guesses that Rory is taken to Castle Street.
        Granda insists to get out of bed. Luckily the nurse and Val Jessup calm him down. Rory promises to Granda that he stays in Castle Street until only Granda is out from the hospital. He will not stay there forever. Granda pities Rory and he cannot wait to be discharged from the hospital.
2. Tom
3. Jackie
4. Tony
5. Tess
6. Nellie
7. Val Jessup
8. the nurse
9. Doctor
10.Mrs MacKay
11.spare room

1. two different schools
2. the chilcren's home
3. the hospital
4. Granda's room in hospital
5. Castle Street
6. Rachnadar
7. Rory's home

Name the object in the picture above. What is Granda looking for inside of it?
Answer the following questions.
1. Do Tom and Jackie go to the same school?
2. Where is Rory getting ready to go to?
3. Is Tess being nice to Rory? Why?
4. Where is Tess going in a taxi?
5. Who comes to the children's home?
6. How is Granda's condition?
7. How does the fire happen?
8. How does Granda react when he knows that Rory is taken to Castle Street?
9. Who are the two people who calm Granda down?
10. What is Rory's promise to Granda?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 9)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 9
        Val Jessup takes Rory back to his flat. Rory witnesses the damages in his flat; the blackened walls, the smoke-damaged furniture and curtains. Val Jessup puts Rory's clothes into a rucksack. Rory slips the bottle of Granda's medicine into his rucksack. Rory plans to repaint his flat but Val Jessup asks him to drop the idea for the meantime. Rory cannot bear to stay long at Castle Street because of Tess who is aiming at him. Her anger and violence scare Rory a lot.
        One day, Tess swears at Rory and tries to strangle him. Tony and Nellie stop her and haul her out of the kitchen. Nobody wants Tess; her mother in prison, her aunts shun her and no foster parent will tolerate her hot temper. Tess is angry and sad at the same time.
        Rory visits Granda every day after school. Granda says John Wayne (who has died) comes to visit him. The fact is Granda watches a John Wayne's movie on television! Val Jessup has something important to talk to Rory. She will pick him up after school as usual and talk to him about it.
1. Granda
2. Val Jessup
3. Rory
4. Tess
5. Tess' mother
6. Tony
7. Nellie
8. Tess' aunts
9. foster parent
10.the nurses
11.John Wayne (film star)
12.the prime minister

1. the hospital
2. Rory's flat
3. the living room
4.  the home
5. Castle Street
6. the kitchen
7. prison
8. upstairs
9. home

Name the film star in the picture above. What was he wearing in the picture?
Answer the following questions.
1. Where does Val Jessup take Rory to?
2. What does Rory put into his racksack?
3. State the damages of Rory's flat.
4. What does Val Jessup take from Rory's flat?
5. What does Tess do to Rory?
6. Where is Tess' mother?
7. Do Tess' aunts like her?
8. According to Granda, who comes to visit him in the hospital?
9. Who was John Wayne?
10.Who picks Rory up after school?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 10)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 10
        Mrs Foley is concerned about Rory and asks him about his stay in Castle Street. She organises flowers to be sent to Granda from Rory's class. Rory confides in Mrs Foley about his anxiety for Tess. He is scared of Tess. Mrs Foley then calls Val Jessup and talks to her about Rory.
        Darren reveals to Rory that Mrs Foley may want to foster him as what his mother tells him. Darren assures that Mrs Foley is a nice person; she is worried about Rory being in Castle Street, she always has secret conversations with Val Jessup and she is a Christian. At the same time, Rory's Granda is not doing as well as Rory thinks. Rory is shocked to hear the news. The idea to be fostered by Mrs Foley brings Rory out in cold sweat. Rory is worried when he thinks of it.
        Rory knows he will not have a home if Granda does not get better. Rory runs straight to hospital after school. Rory goes into Granda's room but Granda is not there. Rory's horrible thought is that Granda is dead!
1. Mrs Foley
2. Granda
3. Tess
4. Rory
5. Val Jessup
6. Darren
7. Darren's mother
8. patients

1. Castle Street
2. hospital
3. classroom
4. school
5. Granda's room in hospital

The two people are having conversations over the telephone. Try to guess the names of the two people above (according to the novel).
Answer the following questions.
1. What are sent to Granda from Rory's class?
2. Who organises flowers to be sent to Granda?
3. Who is scared of Tess?
4. According to Darren's mother, who wants to foster Rory?
5. Who tells to Rory about Mrs Foley's intention to foster him?
6. How is Rory's reaction when he hears the news?
7. State two character traits of Mrs Foley.
8. Where does Rory go straight after school?
9. Is Granda in his room in the hospital?
10. What is Rory's first thought when he does not see Granda in his room?