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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 10)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 10
        Mrs Foley is concerned about Rory and asks him about his stay in Castle Street. She organises flowers to be sent to Granda from Rory's class. Rory confides in Mrs Foley about his anxiety for Tess. He is scared of Tess. Mrs Foley then calls Val Jessup and talks to her about Rory.
        Darren reveals to Rory that Mrs Foley may want to foster him as what his mother tells him. Darren assures that Mrs Foley is a nice person; she is worried about Rory being in Castle Street, she always has secret conversations with Val Jessup and she is a Christian. At the same time, Rory's Granda is not doing as well as Rory thinks. Rory is shocked to hear the news. The idea to be fostered by Mrs Foley brings Rory out in cold sweat. Rory is worried when he thinks of it.
        Rory knows he will not have a home if Granda does not get better. Rory runs straight to hospital after school. Rory goes into Granda's room but Granda is not there. Rory's horrible thought is that Granda is dead!
1. Mrs Foley
2. Granda
3. Tess
4. Rory
5. Val Jessup
6. Darren
7. Darren's mother
8. patients

1. Castle Street
2. hospital
3. classroom
4. school
5. Granda's room in hospital

The two people are having conversations over the telephone. Try to guess the names of the two people above (according to the novel).
Answer the following questions.
1. What are sent to Granda from Rory's class?
2. Who organises flowers to be sent to Granda?
3. Who is scared of Tess?
4. According to Darren's mother, who wants to foster Rory?
5. Who tells to Rory about Mrs Foley's intention to foster him?
6. How is Rory's reaction when he hears the news?
7. State two character traits of Mrs Foley.
8. Where does Rory go straight after school?
9. Is Granda in his room in the hospital?
10. What is Rory's first thought when he does not see Granda in his room?

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  1. Answers:
    1. Flowers
    2. Mrs Foley
    3. Rory
    4. Mrs Foley
    5. Darren
    6. Worried
    7. Worried for Rory, Is a Christian
    8. To the hospital
    9. No
    10.Granda is dead.