Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 11)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 11
        Rory is agitated and sad, thinking that Granda is dead. He yells as loud as he can. A staff nurse comes into the room. She asks one nurse to call Val Jessup and the other to help calm Rory. Rory struggles to free himself. When the staff nurse tells Rory that Granda is not dead, Rory stops struggling.
        Staff Nurse Maureen asks Nurse Long to bring some sandwich and orange juice for Rory while they wait for Val Jessup to arrive. Granda once says that he likes Nurse Long for she has beautiful red hair like Rhonda Fleming. Rory then tells Granda that he is too old for her. Granda thinks age is not a probelm, just like for Sean Connery. Meanwhile, Val Jessup will bring Rory to Granda. Rory goes to Staff Nurse Maureen's office to wait for Val Jessup.
        Val Jessup arrives at the office when Rory is just finishing up a hot sausage roll. Rory suspects something odd. Rory wants to know where Granda is. Val Jessup says that Rory is too young to take the responsibility of Granda. Finally Rory knows that Granda is no more in the hospital. He has been assessed by doctor and it has been decided that he is just not fit enough. Granda is put in Rachnadar now!
1. the nurses
2. Granda
3. Val Jessup
4. the staff nurse (Staff Nurse Maureen)
5. two other nurses
6. Nurse Long
7. Rory
8. Rhonda Fleming
9. Sean Connery

1. Castle Street
2. the room
3. another ward
4. office
5. Rachnadar

Picture 1

Picture 2
Name the occupations in picture 1 and picture 2
Answer the following questions.
1. How does Rory feel when he thinks that Granda is dead?
2. Who helps to calm Rory?
3. What is the name of the staff nurse?
4. Who does Granda like in the hospital?
5. Where does Rory wait for Val Jessup?
6. What does Staff Nurse Maureen ask Nurse Long to bring for Rory?
7. What does Rory eat while waiting in the office?
8. Who assesses Granda's condition?
9. Is Granda fit enough?
10.Where is Granda now?

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  1. Answers:
    1. Agitated and sad
    2. Staff Nurse Maureen and another nurse
    3. Staff Nurse Maureen
    4. Nurse Long
    5. Staff Nurse Maureen's office
    6. Some sandwich and orange juice
    7. A hot sausage roll
    8. Doctor
    9. No
    10. Rachnadar