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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 12)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 12
        Granda is sitting on a bed. He is crying bitterly. Rory runs to him. Granda pleads Rory to take him away. He does not want to stay at Rachnadar. It is a place they put old folk that nobody wants.
        Granda feels letting Granny down for allowing Rory to stay in Castle Street. Granda becomes more agitated. The nurses give him something to make him fall asleep.
        Meanwhile, Tess is throwing her tantrum in the children's home. She yells at everybody. Rory cannot take it anymore and he quarrels with her. Rory nearly punches Tess as he holds back his hand. However, Tess shows no mercy and punches him on his nose. Tony and Nellie stop the fight and drag Tess away. Tess curses Rory.
        Rory fears that Granda is suffering in Rachnadar. He tells to Val Jessup that Granda is dying as days pass. Granda feels that nobody cares about him. He wants to run away if only he were younger. Rory keeps thinking on what Granda says. Finally he decides to run away with Granda!
1. Granda (Mister McIntosh)
2. Rory (grandson)
3. Val Jessup
4. old folk
5. the nurses
6. Tess
7. Nellie
8. Tony
9. Mrs Foley

1. ward at Rachnadar
2. Castle Street
3. the TV room
4. emergency exit

Name the place in the picture above. Who is at the place in the novel?

Answer the following questions.
1. Where is Granda now?
2. What is Granda doing on the bed?
3. Who is usually put in Rachnadar?
4. Why does Granda feel he is letting Granny down?
5. What does Tess do in the children's home?
6. Does Rory punch Tess?
7. Does Tess punch Rory?
8. Name the two people who help to stop the fight.
9. What does Granda plan to do if only he were younger?
10.What is Rory's decision in the end of this chapter?

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  1. Answers:
    1. in Rachnadar
    2. He is crying.
    3. Old folk that nobody wants
    4. For allowing Rory to stay in Castle Street
    5. Throw her tantrum and shout at everybody
    6. No
    7. Yes
    8. Tony and Nellie
    9. To run away from Rachnadar
    10.Rory plans to run away with his Granda from Rachnadar