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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 13)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 13
        Rory prepares for three days for The Great Escape. He confides in Darren about his plan. Darren suggests that they go to his mother's caravan. Darrens sneaks Rory the spare key to his mother's caravan. It is dead secluded and no one will find them there. Darren promises to keep it a secret.
        Granda grows more quiet and confused each day. Darren asks Rory to act fast. Rory cannot tell his plan to Granda because he is so deaf. He just whispers to Granda that everything is going to be all right. He asks Granda to wait and see. Rory's plans are:
1. Val Jessup drops Rory at Castle Street.
2. Rory picks up two rucksacks.
3. Rory sneaks into the hospital.
4. Rory and Granda creep out from the hospital.
5. They catch a late-night train.
6. They reach Darren's mother's caravan.
7. They spend lots of days down there with Darren.
        Then, Val takes Rory to visit Granda that night. She has coffee with the nurses. It is like a dream. Rory grabs the chance immediately. He puts Granda's teeth, hearing aids and other things into the rucksack. Granda is confused. Rory tells Granda that he is going to get him out of Rachnadar. They are going to escape from that place!
1. Rory
2. Granda
3. Darren
4. Darren's mother
5. Mrs Foley (Holey Foley)
6. Darren's father
7. the other inmates
8. the nurses
9. the orderlies
10.the doctors
13.Val Jessup
14.the bedridden patients

1. Darren's mother's caravan
2. the playground
3. a prison
4. a prisoner-of-war camp
5. emergency exit
6. Castle Street
7. the hospital
8. the wooded grounds
9. the old back road
10.the station
11.the park
12.on the hill
13.the river
14.the coast road

Name the place in the picture above. Who are going to spend lots of days at this place?
Answer the following questions.
1. What does Rory prepare for in the three days?
2. Whom does Rory confide in about his plan?
3. What is Darren's suggestion?
4. What does Darren sneak to Rory?
5. What happens to Granda as each day passes?
6. Where does Val Jessup take Rory to?
7. What does Rory put into the rucksack?
8. What do Rory and Granda plan to do?
9. Val Jessup has _______ with the nurses while letting Rory and Granda have their private time.
10.Does Granda know Rory's plan in the end of the chapter?


  1. Answers:
    1. The Great Escape
    2. Darren
    3. Go to his mother's caravan
    4. the spare key to his mother's caravan
    5. Granda grows more quiet and confused.
    6. to visit Granda in Rachnadar
    7. He puts Granda's teeth, hearing aids and other things into the rucksack.
    8. To run away from Rachnadar
    9. coffee

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