Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 3)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 3
               Mr Hood, Rory, Darren and Mary Bailey are at the field where football practice is going on. Mr Hood asks Rory to be in the football team. Rory refuses as he has to look after his Granda. Darren and Mary quarrel. Mr Hood drags Mary to the headmaster's office. Darren again suggests Rory to be on the team. Rory states the same reason. Darren thinks that Rory's Granda should be in a home and Rory is angry about it. Granda always talks about Rachnadar, the local old people's hospital to Rory. His Granda would rather die than to live there. Darren's mother tells Darren that Rory's Granda will be better there. Rory runs off before Darren could say another word. Granda only has Rory and Rory only has granda as his kin.
               Rory tries his best to coach Granda on how to behave as Parents' Night is coming up soon. He wants to reassure Mrs Foley that Granda has all his marbles. One day, Rory comes home to discover that Granda mistakenly peels a bag of apples and cuts them into chips. Granda thinks that the apples are potatoes! Granda also tries to help with the cooking but he leaves the electric rings switch on and burns out a pot.
               That night Rory and Granda are watching television when Granda watches Rory closely. Rory is thinking about his father. Granda is angry at the mention of Rory's father. Granda and Granny have spoilt him too much. He gets what he wants as a child. When he is tired of them, he throws them aside. He treats Rory's mother in the same way. Rory's father leaves Rory's mother and Rory when he is a baby. Granda does not want to talk about Rory's father. Granda only has a son, none other than Rory!
1. Mr Hood
2. Rory McIntosh
3. Darren
4. Mary Bailey
5. Granda
6. Darren's mum
7. Mrs Foley
8. Rory's parents
1. Football field
2. playground
3. headmaster's office
4. Rachnadar, the local old people's hospital (home)
5. Rory's home
Name the place in the picture. What is the game that you can play here?
Answer the following questions.
1. Who is Mr Hood?
2. What does Mr Hood ask Rory to do?
3. Why does Rory refuse to be on the football team?
4. What is Rachnadar?
5. Where is Rachnadar?
6. Who suggests that Granda should be put in a home?
7. Where does Granda put the potatoes?
8. Where does Granda put the apples?
9. What does Rory say that makes Granda angry?
10. Is Rory's father a responsible man? Why?


  1. Answers:
    1. Football coach
    2. Be in the football team
    3. Rory has to look after his Granda
    4. The local old people's hospital
    5. Stuck at the edge of the town
    6. Darren's mother
    7. In the fruit bowl
    8. In the potato rack
    9. Rory says about his father.
    10.No, he leaves Rory's mother and Rory when he is a baby.

  2. Hey just to be sure this novel writer, Catherine MacPhail is a scottish, probably football is soccer and not football/rugby

  3. blh brikn sinopsis brserta maksud nya skli chpter 32-33