Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 4)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 4
          Rory and his Granda walk to the school on Parents' Night. Granda wears slippers and they go back home again to change so they are the last to arrive. There are many parents waiting patiently in queue. Darren comes and greets Granda. Granda looks around ans asks where Holy Foley is. Granda then goes to the toilet on his own.  He does not want Rory to accompany him. Rory is worried about Granda. Luckily Granda steps back into the classroom. It is Rory's turn and Mrs Foley talks to Granda about Rory's homework. Granda leans forward and says that Mrs Foley indeed has moustache, just as what Rory has told him!    
           Suddenly, Mrs Foley smells that something is on fire. Clouds of smoke is billowing from the pocket of Granda's coat hanging on a hook. Then Mrs Foley's coat, pale green with a little matching scarf is on fire too because it is beside Granda's coat. People walk out of the classroom into the playground as the caretaker ushers them.
        Granda goes to the toilet earlier to take a puff. Then he puts his pipe in his pocket but he forgets about it. However, Granda finds the whole thing funny and exciting just like other boys feel. Luckily, Darren's father helps to put out the fire. Mrs Foley looks at Granda angrily.
1. Granda (Mister McIntosh)
2. Parents
3. Mrs Foley (Holy Foley)
4. Darren
5. Darren's father
1. school
2. the toilets
3. the classrooms
4. Rory's home
5. the playground
Name the object in the picture above. What does Granda put on it?
Answer the following questions:
1. When does Rory and Granda walk to the school?
2. Where does Granda go on his own?
3. Who comes to greet Granda?
4. Where does Granda hang his coat?
5. What does Granda put in the pocket of his coat?
6. What happens to Granda's coat?
7. Who helps to put out the fire?
8. What does Rory tell to Granda about Mrs Foley?
9. How does Granda address Mrs Foley?
10.Why is Mrs Foley angry with Granda?


  1. Answers:
    1. On Parents' Night
    2. To the toilet
    3. Darren
    4. On a hook
    5. His pipe
    6. On fire
    7. Darren's father
    8. Mrs Foley has moustache.
    9. Holy Foley
    10.The fire is caused by Granda./ Granda has mentioned her moustache.