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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 5)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 5
        Darren and Rory's other friends are delighted with Granda's attempt to 'set the school on fire' and they exaggerate on it. Granda admits that it must have been his fault. Darren's mother is worried that it might happen again maybe in the middle of the night at Rory's home. She thinks that Rory should not shoulder such big responsibility. He should be playing football! Rory confirms it will not happen as he hides Granda's pipe before he goes to bed.
          Meanwhile, Val Jessup, the social worker comes to see Granda and Rory. She is sent by Dr Nicol. Val Jessup is trying to organise a home help who comes in at lunchtime and prepares food for Granda. She will also make sure Granda takes his medicine. With the home help, Rory dreams of joining the football team again.
        Val Jessup makes Granda thinks of Grace Kelly, a beautiful film star just because both have fair hair! Granda tucks Rory into bed and Rory thinks life will be better as they have a social worker now.
       Mrs Foley asks Rory about things at home. Rory tells that now they have a social worker and will have a home help soon. One day after school, Rory runs for the bakery and two hot pies. The baker tells Rory about his flats which is on fire. Rory rushes to his flats. His neighbour, Mrs MacKay scolds Granda for causing the fire. Rory is very angry with her. He tries to defend his Granda. Rory throws himself at her and tries to kick her. The policemen stop him.
        One policeman informs Rory that Granda is in hospital now but he will be all right. Rory recalls that he hides his Granda's pipe. However, the policeman tells Rory that Granda leaves the chip an on and forgets about it. this causes the fire. Rory is perplexed as he does not know what is his Granda doing with a chip pan.
1. Granda
2. Darren
3. Mrs Foley
4. Rory's friends
5. Some of the parents
6. the caretaker
7. Darren's mother
8. Rory
9. Val Jessup (the social worker)
10.Dr Nicol
11.a home help
12.Grace Kelly (a beautiful film star)
13.Mrs MacKay (Rory's neighbour)
14.the policemen
1. the school
2. living room
3. Rory's bedroom
4. the toilet
5. Granda's bedroom
6. the bakery
7. flats
8. the hospital
Name the object in the picture above. Why do you think it is on fire?
Answer the following questions.
1. Who are delighted of the fire in the school?
2. Who is worried that the fire might happen again?
3. Why does Rory assure that the fire will not happen in the middle of the night at Rory's home?
4. Who is Val Jessup and who sends her over to Rory's home?
5. How is Val Jessup going to help Rory and Granda?
6. What happens to Rory's flats?
7. What is the name of Rory's neighbour?
8. Where is Granda now?
9. What causes the fire?
10.Who leaves the chip pan on and forgets about it?


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  1. Answers:
    1. Darren and Rory's other friends
    2. Darren's mother
    3. He hides Granda's pipe before he sleeps.
    4. A social worker, Dr Nicol
    5. Val Jessup is going to organise a home help to prepare lunch for Granda and make sure he takes his medicine.
    6. On fire
    7. Mrs MacKay
    8. In hospital
    9. A burning chip pan
    10. Granda