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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 6)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 6
        A policewoman brings Rory to the hospital to visit Granda. Granda suffers from smoke inhalation and he does not look too good. When Rory sees Granda, he has drips and needles attached and monitors beeping all around him. His face is covered with an oxygen mask. Rory is very worried about his Granda's condition. Rory prays hard for Granda to wake up soon.
        Val Jessup comes into the room. She believes Granda is going to be all right. She brings sandwiches for Rory from the hospital canteen. Val Jessup asks Rory to stay at the children's home at Castle Street as his flat is burnt. Rory thinks of Darren's house but his house is too crowded. The children's home is a nightmare for Rory and he does not want to go there. However, Rory does not have a choice. He knows that Granda will feel better if he is being taken care of. Rory follows Val Jessup's car to the children's home at Castle Street.

1. policewoman
2. Granda (Mister McIntosh)
3. Rory
4. the nurses
5. cleaners
6. a male nurse
7. Val Jessup
8. Darren
9. Darren's family members (two little sisters, big brother, big brother's girlfriend & their baby)
10.the staff in the children's home

1. the hospital
2. the corridor to the room
3. the hospital canteen
4. Rory's flats
5. Darren's house
6. the children's home at Castle Street
7. Rachnadar

Name the place in the picture above. Who has to stay temporarily at the place above?
Answer the following questions.
1. Who brings Rory to the hospital?
2. Who is admitted to the hospital?
3. Why is Granda admitted to the hospital?
4. Who comes into the room later on?
5. What does Val Jessup give to Rory?
6. Does Rory eat the sandwiches?
7. Is Granda going to be all right?
8. Where does Rory has to stay temporarily?
9. Where is the children's home?
10.How does Rory go to the children's home?

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  1. Answers:
    1. A policewoman
    2. Granda
    3. Due to smoke inhalation
    4. Val Jessup
    5. Some sandwiches
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. At the children's home
    9. At Castle Street
    10.By Val Jessup's car