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Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 7)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 7
          Rory is on his way to the children's home. He recalls the scary sight of the children's home. Rory regrets not hiding the chip pan. Rory is determined to stay in the children's home only until Granda is out of hospital. He jumps out of the car.
          A tall gangly youth, tony welcomes Rory. He leads them to the kitchen. A group of boys and girls are having supper of toast and cheese. Rory feels hungry. Tony introduces the boys and girls (Jackie, Georgie, Tom) to Rory. Tom offers toast to Rory. Jackie asks Rory to sit beside him. They ask Rory about Granda as Val Jessup has told to them earlier about him.
       Val Jessup leaves and promises to take Rory to hospital the next morning. Rory thinks of Granda again. Jackie, Georgie and Tom talk to Rory. Suddenly, they hear a voice shouting and swearing. It is Tess. She loses her temper and messes up the kitchen. A young woman and Tony drag her back to her room.
        Rory sleeps in a room with Tom and Jackie. He still hears Tess' shouting. Rory thinks and misses his Granda again. He tries not to cry.

1. wizards
2. warlocks
3. Val Jessup
4. Rory
5. Granda
6. a tall gangly youth (Tony)
7. a group of boys and girls
8. Jackie
9. Georgie
10.Tom worker
12.a young woman

1. Castle Street
2. an old Victorian villa
3. children's home
4. the kitchen
5. hospital
6. Tess' room
7. the local jail
8. school
9. the hall

Name the food in the picture above.

 Answer the following questions.
1. Does Rory like to stay at the children's home? Why?
2. Who welcomes Rory at the children's home?
3. What are the boys and girls doing in the kitchen?
4. What are they having for supper?
5. What does Tom prepare for Rory?
6. Who is shouting and swearing?
7. Name the two boys and one girl who talk to Rory.
8. Where does Rory sleep?
9. Does Rory feel happy in the children's home? Why?
10.What does Val Jessup promise to Rory?

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  1. Answers:
    1. No, because he says he will stay in the children's home only until his Granda is out of hospital.
    2. Tony
    3. Eating supper
    4. Toast and cheese
    5. Two slices of toast
    6. Tess
    7. Jackie, Georgie and Tom
    8. In a room with Tom and Jackie
    9. No, because he tries not to cry when he thinks and misses Granda.
    10.To bring Rory to the hopital the next morning