Friday, November 23, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 8)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 8
        Rory wakes up and he is ready to go to the hospital. Tom and Jackie also get ready for their different school. Tony informs them that breakfast is ready. The boys take the breakfast together with Tess who looks unkempt and Nellie, the woman who looks after Tess. Tess glares at Rory. She asks how long Rory is going to stay, hopefully long enough for her to thump him.

        Tess boards a taxi to her private tutor. The children leave for school. Val Jessup comes. Meanwhile Tony phones the hospital and Rory gets to know that Granda is awake. He even tries some breakfast. Rory reaches the hospital and he races towards Granda's room. Rory leaps on to the bed. Granda hugs Rory closely.
        Granda tells Rory about the incident. He plans to make some chips on the chip pan to go with the pies. He then tries looking for potatoes in the wardrobe. That is all Granda can recall. Granda asks if Rory stays with Mrs MacKay or Val Jessup for the night. Rory hesitates, saying he stays in Val Jessup's spare room at her house. Granda is agitated as he guesses that Rory is taken to Castle Street.
        Granda insists to get out of bed. Luckily the nurse and Val Jessup calm him down. Rory promises to Granda that he stays in Castle Street until only Granda is out from the hospital. He will not stay there forever. Granda pities Rory and he cannot wait to be discharged from the hospital.
2. Tom
3. Jackie
4. Tony
5. Tess
6. Nellie
7. Val Jessup
8. the nurse
9. Doctor
10.Mrs MacKay
11.spare room

1. two different schools
2. the chilcren's home
3. the hospital
4. Granda's room in hospital
5. Castle Street
6. Rachnadar
7. Rory's home

Name the object in the picture above. What is Granda looking for inside of it?
Answer the following questions.
1. Do Tom and Jackie go to the same school?
2. Where is Rory getting ready to go to?
3. Is Tess being nice to Rory? Why?
4. Where is Tess going in a taxi?
5. Who comes to the children's home?
6. How is Granda's condition?
7. How does the fire happen?
8. How does Granda react when he knows that Rory is taken to Castle Street?
9. Who are the two people who calm Granda down?
10. What is Rory's promise to Granda?



  1. Answers:
    1. No, they go to the different schools.
    2. To the hospital
    3. No, because she wants to thump him.
    4. To her private tutor's place
    5. Val Jessup
    6. Granda is awake and he tries some breakfast.
    7. Granda leaves the chip pan on and it burns.
    8. He is agitated.
    9. The nurse and Val Jessup
    10.To stay temporarily at Castle Street

    1. Your synopsis is easy to understand Thank You for sharing