Thursday, November 22, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis (Chapter 9)

Catch Us If You Can
Chapter 9
        Val Jessup takes Rory back to his flat. Rory witnesses the damages in his flat; the blackened walls, the smoke-damaged furniture and curtains. Val Jessup puts Rory's clothes into a rucksack. Rory slips the bottle of Granda's medicine into his rucksack. Rory plans to repaint his flat but Val Jessup asks him to drop the idea for the meantime. Rory cannot bear to stay long at Castle Street because of Tess who is aiming at him. Her anger and violence scare Rory a lot.
        One day, Tess swears at Rory and tries to strangle him. Tony and Nellie stop her and haul her out of the kitchen. Nobody wants Tess; her mother in prison, her aunts shun her and no foster parent will tolerate her hot temper. Tess is angry and sad at the same time.
        Rory visits Granda every day after school. Granda says John Wayne (who has died) comes to visit him. The fact is Granda watches a John Wayne's movie on television! Val Jessup has something important to talk to Rory. She will pick him up after school as usual and talk to him about it.
1. Granda
2. Val Jessup
3. Rory
4. Tess
5. Tess' mother
6. Tony
7. Nellie
8. Tess' aunts
9. foster parent
10.the nurses
11.John Wayne (film star)
12.the prime minister

1. the hospital
2. Rory's flat
3. the living room
4.  the home
5. Castle Street
6. the kitchen
7. prison
8. upstairs
9. home

Name the film star in the picture above. What was he wearing in the picture?
Answer the following questions.
1. Where does Val Jessup take Rory to?
2. What does Rory put into his racksack?
3. State the damages of Rory's flat.
4. What does Val Jessup take from Rory's flat?
5. What does Tess do to Rory?
6. Where is Tess' mother?
7. Do Tess' aunts like her?
8. According to Granda, who comes to visit him in the hospital?
9. Who was John Wayne?
10.Who picks Rory up after school?

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  1. Answers:
    1. Rory's flat
    2. A bottle of Granda's medicine
    3. blackened walls, smoke-damaged furniture and curtains
    4. Rory's clothes
    5. She swears at Rory and tries to strangle him.
    6. In prison
    7. No
    8. John Wayne
    9. Film star
    10.Val Jessup