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  1. Information in the slides is obtained from the module of TSL3107, for the use of students of PPG TESL Sem 4 Ambilan Khas Feb 2013, IPTHO.

  2. TASK: In your opinion, what do you think a writer needs to know the most before he or she starts writing? Why do you say so?

  3. In my opinion a writer needs to know more on the subject matter of what to be written.
    Subject matter is what something is about. The knowledge of something makes the writer feel more confident and comfortable to write. Sometimes, the acknowledgement of the subject matter contributes to the success of the writing items.
    I am teaching my Year 6 pupils about adjectives and how to apply them in their writing especially in describing the given stimulus pictures. I have to construct a few sentences as examples for the pupils to relate and refer to so that they manage to construct sentences using adjectives correctly.

  4. In my opinion before a writer starts to write, he or she should know the purpose of writing. The writer must decide the aim of writing so that can be more focused on the particular tittle or subject. Usually it's a bad idea to write without any preparation at all. As a minimum, he or she should write step by step until the end, so that they have a clear view of what is going to happen. But, to be honest, I recommend even more they clear about their purposes than that. Before I start writing anything I make sure I have written a detailed outline first because it makes me realize about the purpose of the writing. I always know exactly what's going to happen.

    Example :-
    Lets say i want to teach my Year 5 students about ‘ A Coconut Tree’, and they need to write an essay about it. Firstly they should understand the purpose of writing. So that they will clear what to do. As a result they confidentaly can write the essay.

    Uma mageswari D/O Balakrishnan

    1. Hello sis,
      Basically I agree with your opinion but I have another point of view. Lets say I enter a classroom on replacement slip, I don't know the pupils that well. I would love to test their ability in writing based on a spontaneous topic and they won't have any given outlined. I want them to write based on their feeling and personal view. They definitely will used their creativity and put on their high order thinking cap because by the given time I want some writing on the given paper but I will announce that I need at least 5 sentences. So I think for the task I give just now , it only implies on the pupils need to follow my instruction but nothing to do with the purpose of writing. The pupils will just write sentences without thinking of the grammar
      mistake. Do you agree sis ?

    2. Thx for the compliments on my view Cikgu Azlima. I agree on your opinion.

  5. Actually it is based on situation and answering what or why he/she want to write.In my opinion before a writer starts to write, he or she should know the meaning of word he/she want to write.
    I want to teach a lesson according topic clothes in year 2.Firstly my students must
    know what is the meaning of clothes? Then the pupils can brainstorm words that related with clothes such as hat,skirt etc.
    Maria bt Zainal
    Ppg Tesl 4

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    2. I agreed with Maria's opinion, because I am teaching Year 2 pupils too. Pupils in Year 2 still need a lot of guidance from the teacher. So as a teacher, we need to explain the meaning to the pupils with our own style in teaching to the pupils.

      I think other than giving meaning of cloth to the pupils, I can use other techniques too. As for example, I can use or show;
      1) picture cards with word cards
      2) real things (eg: hat or cap, blouse or skirt etc)
      3) video clip

      Pupils will be able to guess the meaning from the pictures, real things or video showed and at the same time pupils can also learn new things about clothes.
      Other than that, pupils may able to give ideas or describe on each clothes showed.
      For example :
      - colours
      - size or
      - suitable for man or woman or
      - suitable for boy or girl

      I think, there are many important things to know before a writer starts to write and I can only give a simple opinion of a way to improve the lesson.

    3. Askm sis,
      I strongly agree with your opinion. I just want to add in my point of view on the same matter if I may. The skill of writing can only be mastered by our pupils if we as teacher play our role in the teaching and learning process. Pupils can easily be inspired by their on teacher in all the subjects taught. Teacher should be a good guidance and always uphold the image as a model in the writing process. Teacher should always display a good penmanship.

  6. Based on my experience, I would say that he / she should know the prior knowledge. This will enhance the chances to have great and more ideas to write. Other things that need to bear in mind are the purpose. As a writer he / she must know the advantage of the master piece that he / she has done. Then, for the audience, peoples or pupils the writer need to survey their background and language. It is a must for the writer because it can influence them to read what the writer will write.

    Year 1 : TOPIC : How Do You Get Around? (transport) .
    Pupils have their prior knowledge. But as a teacher I need to ensure my pupils know that there are two different words with same meaning. The words are motorcycle and motorbike. Some of them only know motor. But the correct language is motorcycle. Then only the pupils will write correctly and related about the transport. He / she can write easily when they have basic information about the topic. Other than that, I can discuss with the pupils for them to get ideas. So as a teacher I can give them examples with pictures.

    Herdayati Abdul Aziz.
    PPG TESL Sem 4.

  7. In my opinion, i strongly believe that a writer needs to know rudimentory of grammar rules and the best writing practices such as puntuations, discourse markers, extraneous word, subject verb agreement before he/ she starts writing.

    I believe that putting words to form a riverting story is not enough but it is very crucial for a writer to pay attention to his penmanship.

    I totally agree that the message brought forth through the writing is of utmost importance but the manner a writer uses language is equally crucial.

    I believe that if a writer presents his writing with lots of bad grammar, it can be distracting to a reader and it can put off the readers. Bad writing can bring about unpleasant reading experience.

    Therefor, a good writer needs to know the grammar rules and also adhere to the writing skills such as word choice, clear and cohesive sentences that flow smoothly in the writing.

    1. Hi bro,

      Totally agree with you bro. Writers need to know or have the knowledge of the rules of the language so that others will feel comfortable with the message the writer trying to convey.
      But sometimes, I think not all people wants to write just for the sake of trying to make other people understands the whole message. If others just can understand what he tries to convey, I think it is good enough for them. Sometimes people take writing seriously when the purpose needed them to be like that. Sometimes they write just to get the job done.

      Just my one cent bro.Cheers

  8. Hello sir,
    I agreed with your opinion on the knowledge of grammar rules and writing practices.But sometimes these rules can't be judge when we are teaching those at their early stage of knowing how to write because it would have killed their intention and interest in learning to write isn't it sir? For an easy example, lets go to year 1 pupils. They are not yet equip with all those grammar rules so I'll just let them write whatever words that they could write... some of them not even know what and how to write but instead they will draw pictures to express their understanding and feelings.I never punish these pupils because I think they are actually writing but using different approaches to express themselves.
    Therefore, a good writer needs to make sure their 'WRITING" can express or expose their messages and others display their understanding or respond back.

  9. In my opinion, all writers must think of the purposes of their writings. People write for different purposes. Novelist writes to express their feelings, to persuade others to believe in their writing, to put readers into their world etc. Pupils write as ways to gain knowledge, to generates ideas or just to pass their exam. Mostly when people started to writes, the rules of the language does not apply to them until they learn the rules themselves. The most important objectives for them that others understand the information or message they try to convey. When people wants more than just information, then the other needs of prior knowledge of writings needed to be learn such as subject matter, to whom they wants to direct the information to and the rules of the language
    In my opinion, that is when people developed their skills in writing. They want more, so, they learn more because they want to write for different purposes so that they can convey the information to the target they people they wanted.

    Mohd Nizam Mohamed
    PPG TESL Sem 4

  10. 1. Good writer anticipates reader questions. Good writing serves the reader, not the writer
    2. Good writer is grounded in data. Data puts your content in context and gives you credibility. Ground your content in facts:
    3. Good writing is like good teaching. Good writing strives to explain, to make things a little bit clearer.
    4. Good writer tells a full story. Good writing roots out opposing viewpoints.
    5. Good writer,writes simple, but not simplistic. Good content deconstructs the complex to make it easily understood:

  11. Audience matters
    When you’re in the process of writing a paper, it’s easy to forget that you are actually writing to someone. Whether you’ve thought about it consciously or not, you always write to an audience: sometimes your audience is a very generalized group of readers, sometimes you know the individuals who compose the audience, and sometimes you write for yourself. Keeping your audience in mind while you write can help you make good decisions about what material to include, how to organize your ideas, and how best to support your argument.
    To illustrate the impact of audience, imagine you’re writing a letter to your grandmother to tell her about your first month of college. What details and stories might you include? What might you leave out? Now imagine that you’re writing on the same topic but your audience is your best friend. Unless you have an extremely cool grandma to whom you’re very close, it’s likely that your two letters would look quite different in terms of content, structure, and even tone.

  12. hi my friends,...
    before starting to write. In order to focus writing, begin with the main idea. While thinking about what to write, put down any idea that comes to, even if it seems far-fetched or unlikely to be successful. One not-so-good idea may lead to a better one.

  13. In my opinion, there are many thing that a writer need to focus when start writing. A writer must focus on the subject matter on what they want to write as the aim of the topic. A writer also need to know the purpose of their writing especially on what they want to focus on. this is because, some of us like to write novel, shorts story, a joke , poem an soon on. a writer also need to focus on their target of readers where who types of readers they want to aim . Example for kids, teenager or adult readers . Lastly, for me , the most important for writer need to know is that the writing they do must fullfill they own self satisfaction when they write something.

  14. In my opinion, a writer needs to know the most before he or she starts writing
    * A writer needs to know more on purpose of writing. Every people have different purpose.
    *The writer must have many ideas to start their writing.
    * A writer needs to know the meaning of the word that she or he knows.
    *They are also must have subject matters or what topic they like to write.
    *They should have a natural gift, to be a good writer such as write poem, books, short story, song lyric like a composer.

    Rosnita Ab. Rahman
    Sem 4 Tesl

  15. My opinion is that every writer should have the important subject matter. If there is no subject matter, how come a writer should write? With the subjecr matter choosen, then the writer has something to write.The second prior knowledge is purpose, the writer should have purpose to write. For example is for education.
    The writer also has to focus on the interaction and sense of audience.The writer must sensitive to the audience.The last knowledge that the writer must have is language. The writer must know the rules of language well, so that the readers will enjoy the reading.

    Wan Radziah bt. Wan Ibrahim
    TESL Ambilan Khas

  16. In my opinion, all writers must think of the purposes of their writings. The writer must decide the aim of writing so that can be more focused on the particular tittle or subject. Usually it's a bad idea to write without any preparation at all.
    The writer should bear in my who are his audience.he/she also need to know audience language level.If the audience are pupils in primary school the language usage should be simplify for pupils to understand the text and enjoy the reading.