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  1. Information in the slides is obtained from the module of TSL3107, for the use of students of PPG TESL Sem 4 Ambilan Khas Feb 2013, IPTHO.

  2. Based on your experience in testing writing in the ESL primary classroom, name a type of test that you would like to use to test your pupils' knowledge of writing. Provide an example for the type of test on a particular writing topic.

    1. Type of test: Matching

      Match sentence with the correct word.

      Year 2
      Topic : When I Grow Up
      Guess the occupation.

      The matching test item format provides a way for learners to connect a word, sentence or phrase in one column to a corresponding word, sentence or phrase in a second column. The items in the first column are called premises and the answers in the second column are the responses. The convention is for learners to match the premise on the left with a given response on the right. By convention, the items in Column A are numbered and the items in Column B are labelled with capital letters.

      Column A Column B
      ------ 1. I cook in a hotel. A postmen
      ------ 2. I fly aeroplanes. A baker
      ------ 3. I deliver letters. A pilot
      ------ 4. I take care of people teeth. A sailor
      ------ 5. I work on a ship. A dentist

    2. Type Of test : Guess the picture

      Pupils study pictures and guess the correct words

      Picture 1 and information
      - car
      - three different words , flower , car , apple
      -pupil guess the correct word

      picture 2
      - bread
      - the word is bread , car , building
      - repeat the same question

  3. Type of test : Note Expansion

    Pupils study the pictures and the information given below. Then answer the questions that follow.

    Picture 1 and Information:
    - Uncle's house
    - Terengganu
    - double-storey bungalow by the sea
    - play with cousins on the beach
    - collect seashells

    Picture 2 and information:
    - Aunt's house
    - Pulau Pinang
    - apartment in the city
    - play computer games with cousins
    - swim in the pool

    Picture 3 and information:
    - Grandparents' house
    - Sarawak
    - wooden longhouse near the river
    - go jungle trekking
    - collect fruits from the orchard

    It is the school holidays. Based on the information given, where would you go to spend your holidays? Give reason for your choice.

    I would go to _____________________________________________________
    because ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Ganesan Veerappan
    PPG Tesl Sem 4

    1. My opinion regarding this type of test would suit pupils in Phase 2 but I think I have to simplify it if I want to use it for Phase 1 pupils in the classroom. It can make the lesson more enjoyable when pupils want to choose their own favorite. There are a lot of workbook that I can refer to. Note expansion is one of the writing test that can show pupil's ability to write and construct sentences independently. As for the advance pupils, they can write the answer well. But for the weaker pupils, teacher needs to guide them. Teacher also must remind the pupils to copy the phrases correctly.

  4. Type of test : REBUS WRITING.
    (Fill in the blanks with the correct answers).

    Pupils look at the pictures and replace the pictures with the answer (word).

    Year 2
    Topic : Looking Good
    Fill in the blanks with the correct answers. Rewrite the sentence in a paragraph.

    1) This is ( picture of a girl with name Julia ).
    2) Julia wears a pink ( picture of a blouse ).
    3) She wants to go to the ( picture of a shop ) at the town.
    4) Her mother brings her to the shop by a ( picture of a car ).
    5) Julia wants to buy a new ( picture of a pyjamas ) as her birthday present.
    6) Puan Jamilah wants to buy her a pair of ( picture of a baju kurung ) too.
    7) Her ( picture of a man ), Encik Jamali give her a pair of blue shoes.
    8) Julia keep all the present in her ( picture of a cupboard ).


  5. Type of test: Spelling errors

    Instruction : In each sentence, one word is wrongly spelt. Write the correctly spelt word in the space provided.

    1. An arcihtect designs houses and buildings. ______________
    2. The young repoter wrote a good article. ______________
    3. A designer must be creativ person. ______________
    4. That man is a famous scupltor from Indonesia. ______________
    5. The manager is cincidearate towards his worker. ______________
    6. A zookeper must love animals. ______________
    7. The teacher was inspried by his father. ______________
    8. The soldier marched proudly past the dignitaries. ______________
    9. The ministers sang patriotik songs. ______________
    10.The landowner is a wealthy man. ______________

    1. Dear Ima,

      I usual's did this type of test for my pupils to. But i tend to make it tougher as the test goes on. What I meant is at the beginning pupils will have to find one error for each sentence. Then at the middle they have to find 2 errors and finally they will have to find up to 3 errors per-sentence.

      To find the errors, I usually will ask the pupils to circle the errors and just write the correct spelling above or below them.

      Mohd Nizam Bin Mohamed
      PPG TESL Sem 4

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  7. Test Type: Sentence Construction Based on Picture Stimulus
    Class : Year 4

    In this test, I will provide the picture and two words for the pupils to used based on the sentence given (usually a 'verb' and a 'noun'). For example:

    A picture shows a man washing his car.

    I will provide the word 'washing' and 'car' for the pupils to use in their sentence.

    As the test goes on, i will provide less word for the pupils and at the end of the test, there will be no words provided for the pupils. This way i can easily identify the pupils strength and weakness.

    Mohd Nizam Mohamed
    PPG TESL Sem 4

  8. Test Type : Subsitution Table
    Class : Year 3

    Pupils look at the picture and choose correct words

    Pupils will be given a subsitution table and a picture.They will choose the correct word based on the picture.Lastly,they will rewrite the sentences.

    1. Dear Azizi,

      I agree with you.When Year 1 and Year 2 using substitution table to construct sentence,it can help them to answer orally in Literacy English Language test.Either in reading or writing test,substitution table and picture are very helpful for student confidently to make a sentence.

    Fill in the blanks with ONE word only.
    Exercise 1
    Mr.Anand is a forty-two year old over-weight farmer. His wife Mrs.Meena is a thirty-nine year old housewife. They have __________ (1) three bright obese children. __________(2) names are Raju, Prathab and Ravi. Raju __________(3) a six-year old, round faced, freckled, ginger __________(4) boy. He has got gig, brown __________(5). Prathab is an 8 year old, short straight haired, fair and tall girl. He’s got green eyes like hIS mother. Ravi is an 11 year old curly haired, scruffy boy. __________(6) has got glasses. They all like eating, so Mrs.Meena is usually in the kitchen to cook delicious __________ (7) for __________ (8).

    Exercise 2
    I __________(1) Thulasi. I go to Kluang High School. My school __________(2) near my house so I usually walk to __________(3). I have many friends. My best friend’s __________(4) is Uma. She __________(5) got twin sisters. __________(6) names are Geetha and Anbarasi. __________(7) are in class 1.

    1. Hello Uma,
      Cloze test is familiar and available with level 2 student. If you want to teach level 1 student for Year 3 you need guide them.It is because this kind of test quite though for their level.You can make a simple sentence and make low level sentence that suitable for year 3. It is better you guide with picture or guided answer.

      Example 1:Using a picture
      (Picture in the classroom)
      1) The short ______ is standing behind the chair.
      2) There are ______ girls sit in front of the class.

      Example 2:Using a words/answers
      1) (He/She) is Lina.
      2) They (is/are) playing football.

  10. writing for year 2 pupils (sentences construction)
    - pupils have to look at the picture and rearrange the words to form correct sentences.
    pyjamas - like - wear - my - to - yellow - I
    answer: I like to wear my yellow pyjamas.

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  12. Test Types: Substitution Table

    An elephant

    two big ears. two sharp tusks.

    four strong legs. has a short tail. a long trunk.


  13. test type: True/False
    1. Follow directions and mark your answer sheet the way the directions tell
    you to mark it. Just because it is a true-false test doesn’t necessarily
    mean you use the symbols “T” and “F”. On a scantron, T and F are
    usually A and B.
    2. Remember that everything has to be true if a statement is to be marked
    true. But only one word has to be false to make the statement false.
    3. Find out whether you will lose points if you guess. Some instructors
    consider wrong only those answers that you actually mark incorrectly,
    others consider every unanswered question wrong.
    4. Read each question carefully, looking for words that tend to make
    statements false. The words listed below don’t always make a true-false
    statement false, but they should alert you to think carefully.

    All: “It was necessary for all of the states to ratify the Constitution
    before it went into effect.” ( ________)
    Always: “In modern history, depressions have always followed
    wars.” (___________)
    Never: “Slaves in America, though bitterly resentful, never openly
    None: “None of the Tudor kings was a Roman Catholic.”
    No: “France offered no resistance to Hitler’s invasion.”
    Only: “In 1900, Britain and Germany were the only industrial
    states in the world.”
    5. Read each question carefully, looking for words that tend to make
    statements true, such as the following:
    Some: “Some colonists remained British subjects in preference to
    declaring independence.”
    Sometimes: “Revolution sometimes results in tyranny.”
    Usually: “Periods of prosperity usually produce great art.”
    Most: “Most of the voting population in 1936 approved of the New

    A word of caution, however. Instructors are aware of the power of these words,
    too. The only real way to be certain that the words are being used correctly is to
    know the answer to the question!


  14. YEAR 3

    Rearrange the sentences to form the complete sentences

    1. have two I and sister a brothers in my family.


    2. grandmother Mei Ling's celebrates birthday eighth her


    3. uncle His and live aunt live London in since 2000


    4. cousin like playing My and I football evening the in


    5. Ahmad siblings and enjoy kites flying his


  15. test type :complete the list.

    year :1

    instruction :complete the shopping list based on the picture given.

    Picture of

    Shopping List.
    1.__________________ 2.Blouse
    3.jacket 4._____________
    5.__________________ 6.belt