Monday, February 10, 2014



  1. Information in the slides is obtained from the module of TSL3108, for the use of students of PPG TESL Sem 4 Ambilan Khas Feb 2013, IPTHO.

  2. Here are a suggestion how to song in teaching grammar :-
    1.Pick a song to play in the grammar lesson. The song should be one to which the students
    can relate. The song should use good pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

    2.Prepare a list of vocabulary words from the song and share it with the students; the kids
    should listen carefully for the new vocabulary. Play the song from beginning to end at least
    two times so the students get a good chance to listen to it. Ask the students to write down
    any grammar concepts that they hear in the lyrics. Examples of grammar concepts would
    be verb tense, singular and plural nouns and the presence of adjectives. According to the
    song used this approach will will help students attach meaning to what they hear.

    3. Ask the students which phrases stood out in the song and to explain if the grammar
    elements they identified were used correctly or not. With the class, correct any incorrect
    grammar usage.

    4. Ask the students to write out the lyrics to the song and correct any grammar mistakes that
    were identified. Sing the grammatically correct lyrics together as a group after everyone
    has made the recommended corrections.