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  1. Information in the slides is obtained from the module of TSL3108, for the use of students of PPG TESL Sem 4 Ambilan Khas Feb 2013, IPTHO.

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  3. Based on your experience in testing grammar in the ESL primary classroom, name a type of test that you like to use to test your pupils' knowledge of grammar. Provide an example for the type of test on a particular grammatical item.

  4. Grammar Item : Subject-Verb Agreement
    Type of Test : Fill in the blanks

    Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word.

    1. The girls _____ (sing, sang, singing) during the assembly every week.
    2. I _____ (come, comes, came) to school by bus every day.
    3. Mr Tan ______ (walk, walks, walked) around the school every morning.
    4. Birds usually _____ (fly, flies, flew) to warm places during winter.
    5. My father _____ (exercise, exercises, eayxercising) in the gymnasium every Sunday.
    6. Sometimes I _____ (help, helps, helping) my brother at the market.

    1. I think this type of test can improve our pupil's ability in their writing skills in Paper 2 ( Section A and Section C ) more if we drill them to answer this exercises. Lots of my pupils confuse and can't give the correct answers if I give them this kind of exercise.

      As a teacher, I have to prepare notes about this grammar item for my pupils. Then only they can memorize and understand well in this grammar item. Each words will have its own example of sentence.

      Examples : sing, sings, singing, sang

      1- Do not sing in the bedroom.
      2- She sings the song.
      3- They are singing the National Anthem.
      4- Last week we have sang a Chinese traditional song.

      Other than, giving notes to our pupils, we can ask the pupils to write 4 sentences for each words given like above example. Those who finish first will be reward a gift. This can attract the pupils to construct correct sentences and at the same time they will learn about the grammar too.

    2. Subject-Verb Agreement is quite though for remedial and weakness pupils.To teach this kind of grammar,pupils need technique and guidance to remember this things.So, teacher need guide notes to make them really understand and memorize subject-verb-agreement.

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    1. Year 4
      Grammar Item : Personal Pronouns.
      Type of Test : Find the answers and copy the sentences.

      Choose the correct answers and rewrite the sentences below.

      he she I you we us me it them

      1) I am Sally and this is Samuel, my husband. _______ live near Newcastle.

      2) My aunt’s coming to stay next week. I hope _______ brings me a present.

      3) Would _______ like anything for dessert, Madam?

      4) I bought this laptop last week and now _______ doesn’t work.

      5) John’s quit his job. _______ is thinking of starting a business.

      6) My name is Mathew and _______ am going to be your guide for today.

      7) Ladies and gentlemen, could _______ all listen for a minute?

      8) Where do you want me to put these bags? Shall I put _______ over here?

      9) Listen, here is my number. Call _______ if need any help.

      10) We are going to the Shopping Mall. Do you want to come with _______?

  6. Homophones ( words with same sounds but different meanings )
    Cross the incorrect word.
    1. The ( made, maid ) threw the rubbish into the garbage bin.
    2. The villagers dug a big ( whole , hole ) and buried the rubbish.
    3. The garbage collectors go to Taman Ehsan at ( eight, ate ) o'clock.
    4. The construction ( sight, site ) was up-side-down.
    5. We should ( not, knot ) throw rubbish into rivers.
    6. The health inspector will ( write, right ) a report after checking the restaurant.
    7. The man took a ( weak, week ) to clear the clogged drains.
    8. Sarah ( read, red ) about the gotong-royong in the newspaper.
    9. Pak Mail and his sons took an ( hour, our ) to clean up the garden.
    10. We ( knead, need ) all the residents to clean the community hall.

    1. Dear Ima

      I have an idea for homophones test.

      Put the words in the bracket in the correct place.

      1. The ______ threw away the rubbish _______ by the children.
      2. It took the ______ day for the villagers to dig the _______ (hole/whole)
      3. At ______ o'clock, the garbage collectors rested and _______ their
      breakfast. (eight/ate)
      4. The ______ old man cleared the clogged drain last _____. (week/weak)
      5. Sarah sat on the bench and ______ a storybook with _____ cover.

      Mohd Nizam Mohamed
      PPG TESL Semester 4

    2. Dear Ima & Nizam,
      In this particular grammatical item i think pupils mostly wil face some difficulties because of the same sounds of pronounsations. So they need more explanation according to it. This was just small request for the language teachers based on this item.

  7. Singular Nouns and Plural Nouns

    Change the word in bracket into plural nouns

    1. Ali saw some _______ (bus) in front of his schools.
    2. The _______ (policeman) caught a couple of _______ (thief) in the house.
    3. Maria ate some _________ (cherry) for breakfast.
    4. Mother bought a bag of ________ (potato) at the market.
    5. The ______ (woman) are talking about their preparations for Hari raya Puasa.

  8. Articles:

    Write a,an or the before the folowing nouns:

    2.___________ East
    3.____________ moon
    4.____________ igloo

    1. Dear Azizi,
      I agree with you. Some of students still not familiar when suitable use articles (a,an,the).As a teacher,we can help them to memorize the using of article. Using a song or power point slide or memorizing note.
      a,e,i,o,u vowel - an
      b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z consonant - a
      exception have the sound vowel -silent the consonant

  9. Year 2
    Replace the picture with nouns.Rewrite the sentence.

    1) The (picture of cow) is in the field.
    The ___________ is in the field.

    2) The(picture of bowl) is on the table.
    The ___________ is in the table.

    3) She is a (picture of a girl).
    She is a _____________.

  10. Test style : Multiple Choice
    Grammar Item : Prepositions

    Instructions: For each question, choose the single best answer.

    1.My best friend lives ______ Boretz Road.

    A. in
    B. on
    C. at

    2. I'll be ready to leave ____ about twenty minutes.

    A. in
    B. on
    C. at

    3. Since he met his new girlfriend, Juan never seems to be ______ home.

    A. on
    B. in
    C. at

    4. The child responded to his mother’s demands ______ throwing a tantrum.
    A. with
    B. by
    C. from

    5. I think she spent the entire afternoon ______ the phone.
    A. on
    B. in
    C. at

  11. Test style : Rewrite the sentences
    Grammar Item : Simple Past Tense

    Rewrite the sentences in the simple past tense.
    1. The giant has a beautiful garden.

    2.The rich man builds a wall around his house.

    3. Siti is a kind and generous girl.
    4. The kittens are sad.

  12. Fill in the words in brackets as adjective or adverb.

    1) He __________ reads a book. (quick)
    2) Mandy is a__________ girl. (pretty)
    3) The class is___________ loud today. (terrible)
    4) Max is a___________ singer. (good)
    5) You can____________ open this tin. (easy)
    6) It's a______________ day today. (terrible)
    7) She sings the__________ song . (good)
    8) He is a____________ driver. (careful)
    9) He drives the car__________ . (careful)
    10) The dog barks____________ . (loud)

  13. The articles a/an and the in English
    Fill in the article >a<, >an< or >the< where necessary.
    Choose >x< where no article is used.

    1) I like blue T-shirt over there better than red one.
    2) Their car does 150 miles hour.
    3) Where's USB drive I lent you last week?
    4) Do you still live in Bristol?
    5) Is your mother working in old office building?
    6) Carol's father works as electrician.
    7) The tomatoes are 99 pence kilo.
    8) What do you usually have for breakfast?
    9) Ben has terrible headache.
    10) After this tour you have whole afternoon free to explore the city.



    Read the sentences and underline the errors. Rewrite the sentences.

    1. They play badminton at the school court yesterday evening.

    2. Mother buy some fish, a watermelon, a kilogramme of crabs, a chicken, some vegetables and a comb of bananas at the market just now.

    3. Pak Abu cuts the tree using a saw at the playground last week.

    4. My brother and I go to school by bicycle yesterday because my father's car was broken.

    5. She reads the storybook last night so that she can return the book to her friend.

  15. Verb Attack

    Rewrite the words to form the correct sentences.

    push write wash visit spend

    rise to start pretend to

    1. He tried to door open

    2. had everyone to when to president walked in

    3. Will I the job today?

    4. Julie fly likes to that she can

    5. Lee had to dog the

  16. Word puzzles are a useful and interactive method whereby students can learn all sorts of important parts of English grammar. They can be used to encourage students to identify and understand various parts of a sentence; grammatical concepts like synonyms, tenses and conjugations; or incorrectly used grammar. Word puzzles such as crosswords are easily modified to suit all age and skill levels and introduce an element of fun competition into the learning process, so they can be invaluable in forging a full and lasting understanding of English grammar.

    Another game-based method of teaching grammar that you could use in teaching your students is Bingo. The game of Bingo is based on people marking off spaces on their card until they fill in a row or column fully. In normal Bingo these are numbers, drawn at random from a pool. In grammar lesson Bingo, they could be pronouns, verbs, nouns, sentence structure, antonyms, and so on – students could use the daily newspaper and attempt to find correct examples of these grammatical concepts faster than each other, thereby “winning” the game – and learning in the process! Short and fun grammar exercises like this can be included on a regular basis during your lessons to keep correct grammar usage fresh your pupils.