Saturday, June 7, 2014

English Language Proficiency I (WAJ3022) Topic 4 - Wh-Questions


  1. Form the Wh-questions here and provide answers to all questions.
    For example:

    How do you go to work every day?
    I go to work by car every day.

  2. 1) What did you buy yesterday?
    I bought a bar of dark chocolate and a pair of earings.

    2) Where is Minny going?
    She is going to airport.

    3) Who is the guy in black?
    He is our new classmate.

    4) Why did she cry?
    She cried because she failed her examination.

    5) How to go to the nearest bus station?
    Turn left and walk straight, you'll see the bus station at the end of the street.

    6) Where shall we go later?
    We shall go to library.

    7) What is your favourite colour?
    My favourite colour is blue.

    8) Which is your bottle?
    The red bottle is my bottle.

    9) How do you go to school?
    I go to school by bus.

    10) How old are you?
    I am five years old.

    1. 1) 1 mark, but 'earrings' is the correct spelling.
      2) 1 mark
      3) 1 mark
      4) 1 mark
      5) 0 mark: How do I go...
      6) 1 mark
      7) 1 mark
      8) 1 mark
      9) 1 mark
      10)1 mark

  3. 1) What did you do yesterday?
    I do my homework yesterday.

    2)Which colour is your bag?
    The blue colour one is my bag.

    3) Who is making cake for u?
    My mother is making cake for me.

    4) How are you?
    I'm fine. thank you.

    5) Where did you go after swimming?
    I will go Suzie's house after swimming.

    6) How many students in your class?
    15 students in my class.

    7) Why Lina so happy?
    Lina so happy because she get straight As in her SPM.

    8) When did you go to China?
    I go to China next week.

    9) What did you say?
    I said how r u.

    10) Which is my seat?
    That's your seat.

    1. 1) 1 mark, but 'I did...' is correct.
      2) 1 mark
      3) 0 mark,
      4) 1 mark
      5) 1 mark, but 'I went to...' is correct.
      6) 0 mark: How many students are there in your class? 'There are...'
      7) 0 mark: Why is...? Lina is so happy because she gets...
      8) 1 mark, but I went to China last week.
      9) 1 mark, but I said 'How are you?'
      10)1 mark

  4. 1. Who is he?
    He is my father.
    2. What are you doing now?
    I am listening to the radio now.
    3. What are you looking for?
    I am looking for my pencil.
    4. Where are you going?
    I am going to school.
    5. Why English is important to us?
    English is important to us because English is the dominant business language.
    6. When did he leave?
    He leaves this morning.
    7. How do you know the news?
    I know the news through newspapers.
    8. Which colour you like the most?
    I like the red colour the most.
    9. Whose book was missing?
    Alice’s book was missing.
    10. When do you going to work?
    I am going to work by 8 o’clock every morning.

    1. 1) 1 mark
      2) 1 mark
      3) 1 mark
      4) 1 mark
      5) 0 mark: Why is English...?
      6) 1 mark, but He left...
      7) 1 mark
      8) 1 mark, but I like red the most.
      9) 1 mark
      10)0 mark: When do you go...? I go to ...

  5. 1) Who is this pretty girl?
    She is my cousin.
    2) What is behind the door?
    A green ball is behind the door.
    3) Where are we going?
    We are going to Cameron Highland.
    4) Why are you standing here?
    I am waiting for my sister.
    5) When will he finish his lunch?
    He will finish his lunch before 2pm.
    6) How many cats are there?
    There are 7 cats.
    7) Which wallet do you prefer?
    I prefer the red wallet.
    8) Which book is yours?
    That book is mine.
    9) What is this?
    This is an apple.
    10) What will you do when you are sad?
    I will go to exercise.

  6. 1) What did you eat last night?
    I ate chicken rice last night.

    2) Where is the small chair?
    The chair is in my sister room.

    3) Who is your father?
    My father is the guy who wears a purple shirt.

    4) Why did he win his game?
    He won the game because he practiced a lot.

    5) How do you go to Kuala Lumpur?
    I go to Kuala Lumpur by taking KKKL bus.

    6) Where did you go during the school holidays?
    I went to my grandfather house during the school holidays.

    7) What are you doing?
    I am doing my homework.

    8) Which is Sam’s book?
    The book that puts on the table is Sam’s book.

    9) Who is the guy standing in front of your house?
    The guy is my brother.

    10) How much do you earn today?
    I earn RM50 today.

  7. 1. Who take part in the drawing competition?
    My friend, Jane take part in the drawing competition.
    2. What happened to your grandfather yesterday?
    She was fall down in the toilet yesterday.
    3. Where did you go for dinner?
    I go to the Malay Restaurant near my house.
    4. Why he didn’t go to work?
    He didn’t go to work because he is sick.
    5. When do you go to Singapore?
    I go Singapore next Saturday.
    6. How you go to school?
    I go to school by bus.
    7. Which place you choose for your birthday party?
    I choose the beach at Batu Feringghi.
    8. Who is this handsome boy?
    He is my boyfriend.
    9. Which song do u choose for Singing competition?
    I choose “My Heart Will Go On”
    10. How many room in your house?
    My house has 3 rooms.

  8. 1. Who is that boy?
    He is my brother.

    2. Where is your exercise book?
    It is in my bag.

    3. When is the party?
    The party is on Friday night at 7 o’clock.

    4. Why are you late?
    I late because I missed my bus.

    5. Who takes pictures with a camera?
    The photographer takes pictures with a camera.

    6. Where do you go when you are sick?
    I go to the clinic when I’m sick.

    7. How many books are there?
    There are ten books.

    8. What are your favourite school subjects?
    My favourite school subjects is Mathematics and English.

    9. Which is the largest country in the world?
    Russia is the largest country in the world.

    10. When do you wake up?
    I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning.

  9. 1. What does he do?
    He works as an architect .
    2. Where does she come form?
    She comes from China.
    3. Who is that girl?
    She is my younger sister.
    4. When was Ivan born?
    He was born in 1995.
    5. Why did Peter leave early?
    Peter left early because he need to fetch his son to a tuition centre.
    6. Who is the owner of the story book?
    Harry is the owner of the story book.
    7. Who is your teacher?
    Kelly is my teacher.
    8. What is Mary playing with a her friend?
    Mary is playing tennis with her friend.
    9. Which is your skirt?
    The red skirt is my skirt.
    10. How old are you?
    I am 19 years old.

  10. 1) What is your name?
    My name is Lina Tang.
    2) How old are you?
    I am 19 years old.
    3) Where does Johnson live?
    He lives in Sibu.
    4) Which flower do you like?
    I like rose.
    5) How far is Johor from Kuala Lumpur?
    It is 47 km far.
    6) How much do you spent yesterday?
    I spent RM 100 yesterday.
    7) Who is that?
    He is my father.
    8) How do you go to Kuala Lumpur?
    I go to Kuala Lumpur by bus.
    9) Who did you met yesterday?
    I met my father yesterday.
    10) Whose is this wallet?
    It is John’s wallet.

  11. 1. What is your name?
    - My name is Chua Xue Yan.

    2. How you come to school?
    - I come to school by bus.

    3. Where are you going?
    - I am going to my classmate house.

    4. Why she was crying just now?
    - She was crying because she lost her wallet.

    5. Which colour is suitable for me?
    I think red colour is suitable for you.

    6. How your SPM result?
    - I just get 7A at my SPM result .

    7. What food you like most?
    - Burger is the food I like most.

    8. Where should we go later?
    - We should go canteen to fills our stomach before the bells are ring.

    9. Who is your class teacher?
    Miss Tan is my class teacher.

    10. When is your birthday?
    My birthday is on 1st of Jun.


  12. 1. Who is going to Perth?
    Calvin is going to Perth.
    2. Where are the mini boxes?
    The mini boxes are in the cupboard.
    3. When are they leaving?
    They are leaving tonight.
    4. What can Louis speak?
    Louis can speak Chinese.
    5. Which is your car?
    The gold colour one.
    6. Why do you walk quickly?
    Because I’m late.
    7. How do you go to hypermarket?
    I go to hypermarket by taxi.
    8. Who write good essays?
    Jeffrey write good essays.
    9. How was the fairy tale?
    The fairy tale was interesting and amazing.
    10. What did they buy?
    They buy an antique vase.

  13. 1. Where are you from ?
    I am from Japan.
    2. What is your name?
    My name is Jacob.
    3.When do you wake up?
    I wake up at 7.30 am.
    4. Why are you angry?
    I am angry because I did not pass my exam.
    5. What is that ?
    That is a watch.
    6. Where do you live?
    I live at Padang Serai.
    7.How are you?
    I m fine, thank you.
    8. Who do you live with?
    I live with my mom.
    9. When is Andy going ?
    Andy is going to British.
    10.Who did brake the mirror?
    Xiao Teng broke the mirror.

  14. 1. She sells vegetables at the market.
    What does she sell at the market?

    2. He is skipping in the field.
    What is he doing in the field?

    3. She ate instant noodles for her dinner.
    What did she eat for her dinner?

    4. I have been waiting for her almost 2 hours.
    How long have you been waiting for her?

    5. They are doing homework in the living room.
    Where are they doing homework?

    6. I like blue colour.
    Which colour you like?

    7. Meiyan is singing on the stage.
    Who is singing on the stage?

    8. I will travel over there on next Monday.
    When will you travel to Taiwan?

    9. I switched off the lamp because I’m going to bed now.
    Why did you switch off the lamp?

    10. I’m waiting for her.
    Who are you waiting for?

  15. 1. Who are you waiting for?
    I am waiting for my mother.
    2. What did your mother bring to you?
    My mother bring me a dictionary.
    3. Where are we going tomorrow?
    We are going to KL tomorrow.
    4. Why did you late today?
    I am late today because I slept late at night.
    5. When are we going to KL?
    We are going to KL tomorrow morning.
    6. How did you mother come to school?
    My mother come to school by car.
    7. Which color is your favorite color?
    My favorite color is blue.
    8. Who is going KL?
    Andy is going KL.
    9. When did you back from KL?
    I back from KL last week.
    10. What is happening to your house?
    My house was burning.

  16. 1. How old are you?
    I am 20 years old.
    2. How do you go to school?
    I go to school by bus.
    3. When will you pass up your coursework?
    I will pass up on this Friday.
    4. Who is the principal in this school?
    Mr. Leong is the principal in this school.
    5. What is your hobby?
    My hobby is playing badminton.
    6. Who can help lecturer print out the letter?
    Lydia can help lecturer print out the letter.
    7. How do you know she is married?
    I know the news through the newspaper.
    8. When do you go for picnic?
    I go for picnic on this weekend.
    9. Where do you live?
    I live in Sarikei.
    10. How many apples did you buy yesterday?
    I bought 10 apples yesterday.