Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Language Development II - Week 1: 1.1 Lexical Resource in Context (Vocabulary Development)


  1. Tutorial: Task 1
    In groups of 4 or 5, design an interesting activity for vocabulary building. Carry out the activity in the class.

  2. Task : Vocabulary Game

    Members :
    Muhammad Farhan Bin Mohd Yazid
    Mohamad Azzrul Ariff Bin Hamsan
    Mohd Faiz Bin Musa
    Mohd Amirul Hakim Bin Faizul

    Activities : Hot Chair

    Method :
    1. Split the class Into different teams with 2 or more students in each team
    2. One member must not be facing the board while the other facing the team member
    3. One team member that is not facing the board will be sitting on a chair (hot Chair) while the other will stand facing the board
    4. The teacher will write a vocabulary words on the board.
    5. The member facing the board must explain the word to the other member who is sitting on the chair using synonyms, antonyms, definitions or other. ( the member on the 'hot seat' cannot see the board )
    6. The member on the Hot Chair listens and provide the answer.
    7. The team that manage to get the correct answer wins.

    Benifits :
    1. Help students to think.
    2. Help the student to describe

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    Task : Vocabulary Game

    Members :
    Muhammad Farhan Bin Mohd Yazid
    Mohamad Azzrul Ariff Bin Hamsan
    Mohd Faiz Bin Musa
    Mohd Amirul Hakim Bin Faizul

    Activities : Hot Chair

    Method :
    1. The class is divided into different teams with at least 2 members in a team.
    2. One of the team members must not be facing the board provided.
    2. The member who is not facing the board is going to sit on a chair, named the ‘Hot chair’ while the rest of the team will stand facing the board.
    4. The teacher must provide the students with vocabularies written on the board.
    5. The members who are standing opposite to the board must try to explain the words written to the member who is sitting on the ‘Hot Chair’ using synonyms, antonyms, definitions or other.
    6. The member who is sitting on the ‘hot chair’ will be guessing and providing the best answers.
    7. Team who manages to get the highest marks (The member on the ‘hot chair’ is able to guess most of the vocabularies correctly) is counted as the winner of the game.

    Benefits :
    1. This game enables the students to have good cooperation among team members.
    2. It enables the students to think outside of the box, creatively and critically.

    Group members :
    Muhammad Najmuddin Bin Sharifuddin
    Nur Syahmina Binti Mohidin
    Nur Anis Nabilah Binti Ahmad
    Siti Nur Izzati Binti Yazid

    Method :
    1) Let’s say there are 16 students in a class. The students will be divided in a group of 4 so there will be 4 groups.

    2) Each group will be given one word each and they have to form words from the word given in 1 minute.
    ex :
    Group 1
    Words given : pulchritudinous
    Words formed: put, duo, son

    Group 2
    Words given : temperamental
    Words formed: tape, temper, mental

    Group 3
    Words given : thunderstorm
    Words formed: stun, storm, thuder

    Group 4
    Words given : headquarters
    Words formed: dart, quart, head

    3) After 1 minute, they have to exchange the word given to the other group and the process repeated.
    4) Since there are 4 groups, there will be 4 round of word searching.
    5) The higher number of words found, the higher the chance of the group to win the game.
    6) After finished those 4 rounds, the winner will be determined by the highest number of correct words.

    *At the end of the game, the conductor will reveal the words that have not been listed by the groups.

    - to enhance students vocabulary
    - to train their mind to think fast( within the time limit)
    - to strengthen the cooperation among group members


    ACTIVITY : Guess Me

    STEPS :
    1. The teacher will give a title to the whole class before the game start.
    2. Then, a box that contains twenty-six alphabet cards are given to the first student.
    3. The first student is asked to pick out two alphabets from the box and name a word that is RELATED to the title and must contain those alphabets that he chose from the box.
    4. After naming the word, the first student will put those cards back into the box and shake it to reshuffle the cards.
    5. The game is continue by passing the box to the second student and so on.
    6. For example: The teacher will give a title ( eg : Animal ) the first student, after picking out two alphabet cards ( assume that the student get alphabet “R” and “A”), will name a word RELATED to the title and contain the alphabet he chose ( eg ”giraffe”, “roar”, “alligator”, “crawl”, “ram”, etc.)

    1. Students are able to expand their knowledge of vocabulary without any restriction

    Afiqah binti Mohd Tarmizi
    Aliah Atiqah binti Mohd Rosman
    Nurul Syazwani binti Khairuddin
    Nur Shafiqah binti Arifin

    TARGETED STUDENT : Standard 1-2
    1. Prepare many cards of words from different categories such as animals, vegetables, flowers and colours.
    Eg: car, book, yellow, blue, rose, lotus, chair, eggplant, cabbage
    2. Each student must take one of the cards.
    3. The students need to find their friends who get the cards that have the same category with them.
    4. After that, ask them to read the word on the cards loudly and clearly to the whole class.