Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Language Development II - Week 6: 3.1 Types of Texts (Exercise)

The Effects of Standing Up Your Girlfriend on a Date
Dating is a very common practice among teenagers, but some of them don’t even know what to do or what not to do. This essay is directed to male teenagers that do not know what happens if you stand up your girlfriend on a date. The purpose is to discuss the three main effects of “standing up your girlfriend on a date.”
The first effect of standing up a girl is that she will be waiting for you at least 20 minutes. During this period of time she may start thinking why you did not appear. Depending on the girl, she will think of good reasons of why you did not appear, understand you, and forgive you. But most of the girls will go crazy and want to kill you slowly and painfully after the first 10 minutes of waiting for you.
The second main effect of standing up your girlfriend on a date would be that she may never talk to you again. This is maybe a very reasonable action after you stand her up; at least you should make a phone call to tell you are not going to be able to go. Sometimes even if you make a phone call, the girl may feel too offended to understand any reasons, and she may stop talking to you.
The most significant effect of standing up a girlfriend on a date is that she can have a bigger brother with very bad temper. In this case not only your possibilities of dating a girl again are in danger, but also your health. If by accident you stand up a girl on a date, explain to her why you could not go; that way at least she will be less angry. Be aware of this especially if she has a big brother. Many times getting stood up is such a big deal for the girl that she tells all her friends and family. If she has a bigger brother with bad temper, run because this can be the last time you stand up.
The effects of standing up a girl on a date as you can notice are very dangerous affecting your further possibilities of dating again, so you better avoid it. Every time you are thinking of dating someone, plan what you can to have a good date, and never stand up just because you want. Think a little bit of the consequences of standing up before you do it.

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  1. Tutorial: Task 6
    Above is an example of a cause and effect text. In groups of 4 or 5, find a problem-process-solution text, cause and effect text and compare and contrast text. Transfer information obtained from the respective texts to non-linear presentations such as the diagrams given before. Present your findings in the class.