Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Teaching of Listening & Speaking Skills in the Primary ESL Classroom (TSL3053) Week 10


  1. To the four students who do not attend my class (taking part in dance competition), please write your feedback to any two questions posed above. Thank you.

  2. 1. Are the tasks interesting and challenging to pupils?
    the tasks should be interesting and challenging to the pupils. it will easily attract their attention, and at the same time, with the help of teaching aids, the lesson will run smoothly.

    2. To what extent does the teacher use translation or the native tongue in teaching?
    the usage of translation is suppose to be minimal. the usage of translation should only used for pupils with poor level of proficiency. pupils with average and advanced level, a teacher should not use any translation.

  3. 1. How is pupils attention and interest maintained?
    In my opinion, pupils' attention is vital during in a lesson as well to achieve achieve the objective of the lesson. A teacher should come out with appropriate activities in order to create fun-filled atmosphere in the classroom. As a result, the pupils' attention can be maintained.

    2. What teaching aids are used?
    In my opinion, adopted teaching materials should be implemented in the classroom. For example, a video of celebrations in Malaysia which shows the culture of Malaysia.