Sunday, January 11, 2015



  1. Write ten sentences showing correct interjection usage.

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  2. 1. Aha! I have found the way out.
    2. Oh, That's good!
    3. Stop! Don't run!
    4. Oops! I forget my password.
    5. Oh no, the little girl cry again!
    6. Yes! I have passed the test.
    7. Yeah, is party time!
    8. Goodness! He finished all the ice-cream after dinner!
    9. Oh, u are my classmate during primary school!
    10. Aha! finally i remember where i put my key.

  3. 1. Yes! I have passed my exam with a flying colour.
    2. Wait! I have not finish yet.
    3.Great! That is a good idea so far.
    4 Ouch! My leg is bleeding.
    5.Hello! What are you doing there?
    6. Hush! Please be quite, you are disturbing me.
    7.Oh! You got me a fright.
    8. Hurray! We won the game.
    9. Stop! Dont play anymore, its raining.
    10. Opps! i forget to return my book at the library.

  4. 1. Yes! I have passed my exam with a flying colour.
    2. Wait! I have not finish yet.
    3.Great! That is a good idea so far.
    4 Ouch! My leg is bleeding.
    5.Hello! What are you doing there?
    6. Hush! Please be quite, you are disturbing me.
    7.Oh! You got me a fright.
    8. Hurray! We won the game.
    9. Stop! Dont play anymore, its raining.
    10. Opps! I forget to return my book at the library.

    Noraini Binti Syamsuddin

  5. 1. No way! I wont do that.
    2.Oh, That's him!
    3. Hey! You look familiar to me.
    4. Wow! what a beautiful dress you have.
    5. Yahoo! The exam is over!
    6. Oh dear! We are running out of time.
    7. Wait! I have something special for you.
    8. Help! Somebody please help me!
    9. Aha! There are you.
    10. Yeah, you are a great singer!

    Najwa Amira

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  7. 1. Hey! I am over here.
    2. Wow! Your blouse is so beautiful.
    3. Bingo! That is the correct answer.
    4. Oops! I did not see you.
    5. Oh! I do not know about that.
    6. Yeah! I had done my work.
    7. Shh! We are in the library now.
    8. Ouch! Stop pinching me.
    9. No, I did not do that.
    10. Ah! I forgot to bring my purse.

    Lim Li Juan

  8. 1. "Ah! This college looks horrible"
    2. "Yeah! Miss Kee Li Li first class was so fun"
    3. "Stop! We must go to the college right now"
    4. "Ouch! I have a headache i cannot go to the class"
    5. "Oh dear! You cannot go to the college if are you badly hurt"
    6. "Hi! My name is Hafiz and I'm your junior"
    7. "I'm sorry sir, but I cannot come to your class today"
    8. "Well, this is my first day in this college"
    9. "I am the lecturer for this college"
    10. "Hmm. We will see about that"


  9. Oh my! This does not even feel like a college. Oh dear! I am not even interested to be involved in any education career and I wonder how could I end up being here? Ah! But I had already being a assistance at the art tuition for quite a long time. I think I will have no problem in handling my studies here. Eh! Is that guy Chinese or Malay? He looks so fair to be a Malay but yet he speaks in Malay fluently.
    "Hello there, my name is Yang, nice to meet you. It may be a bit inappropriate to ask this question... but... are you a Chinese or Malay?"
    "....... OH MY!... you are the seventh person to ask me the same question today. But it"s okay, my name is Hafiz, and nice to meet too."
    Oh! Hafiz... so he is a Malay afterall.
    "Well I do get this kind awkward moment always, don't be sorry for me."
    "The orientation program is starting soon, let"s go"

  10. 1. "Oh! I've got a headache".
    2. "Wow! You look handsome tonight".
    3. "Oh dear! Is he badly hurt?"
    4. Oh no! I forget to bring my money.
    5. Wait! I'm not finish yet.
    6. Opps! Where is Aini just now?
    7. Yes! She was recieved my letter last night.
    8. Oh no! I forget to bring the key.
    9. Alas! My favourite book was no more.
    10.Ouch! That hurts!

  11. 1. Hey, can you stop it!! We are in the class.
    2. Oh very good answer, know do you mind if you write in the white board?
    3. No! It can’t be yours. It’s mine!
    4. Okay, now let the teacher choose, You or me?
    5. Ups, of course she will choose me, ha ha ha
    6. Ah…it makes me so tired. Hmmm let me see what time it is.
    7. Oh my god! I forget it! I am late to meet Zarina.
    8. Huff, huff, huff, Zaki, don’t leave me, I am on my way Zaki, wait me.Zaki!!!!
    9. Ok,ok, take it easy, this box is heavy.
    10. You're back, eh?
    Nurmaisurah Binti Bakrim

  12. 1. Ahem, what is your name?
    2.Ouch, my hand is bleeding.
    3.Shh! Please be quiet!
    4. That's me, thanks Sara.
    5.Yuck! It's so durty.
    6.Please, don't leave me!
    7.Hmm, i hope you will get better.
    8.Wow, your car so beautiful.
    9.Yay, i can go for a holiday.
    10. Hello, my name is Amy.

  13. 1.Ahh, now I see what you mean.
    2. Bingo! I get the answer.
    3. Shh! please be quet.
    4. Yippee! We won, lets go shopping.
    5. Hmm, I'm not sure about this.
    6. Opps! I didn't meant to.
    7. Ouch, that hurt! Stop piching me.
    8. Wow, I like your new hairstyle.
    9. Aww, Just look at that puppy.
    10. Oh, That's boy.

    Izza Najjia Bt Jantan

  14. 1.Wow!I like your bag.
    2.Hey!Can I borrow your novel?
    3.Oh,I don't know about that.Can you explain?
    4.No,you shouldn't have done that!
    5.Oops!I forgot my wallet!
    6.Help!The dog is chasing me!
    7.Wait!Take this with you!
    8.Aha!It's you whom stole my pencil right?
    9.Oh dear!I don't know what else I can do to fix this painting.
    10.Good grief!Why are you playing in the rain?


  15. Interjection
    1. Goodness! The bus is leaving but i left my purse at the hotel!
    2. Wait! I am still not ready to go out.
    3. Help! Someone has fall into the river!
    4. Great! Dad is going to treat me a buffet at hotel for my good results.
    5. Aha! I have an idea on how to give him a good lesson.
    6. Alas, the poor boy can’t bear the hunger and passed out in the jungle.
    7. Ouch! Don’t hit me with the rope.
    8. Hey! That is my drawing! Why are you copying it?
    9. Oops! I accidentally knocked off mum’s favourite coffee cup.
    10. Oh! I miss my family so much.
    Tan Yee Lynn

  16. 1) Hey! Where you want to go?
    2) Ouch! It's so hurt!
    3) Hello! where can i buy this cloth?
    4) Wow! Your result is so great! Cogratulations!
    5) Oh! he did not come to your party last night?
    6) Ha! You are here!
    7) Hush! Please be quite!
    8) Yuck! This toilet is so dirty!
    9) Aha! Now i know what can i do on this upcoming holidays.
    10) Well done! You are doing great.


  17. 1. Ouch! You're stepping on my foot.
    2. Wow! What a pretty dress it is.
    3. Eh! Say it again. I wasn’t listening.
    4. Hey! What are you doing with my car?
    5. Hurray! We won the match.
    6. Oops! I dropped the milk and it spilled.
    7. My goodness! It is so exciting. I just can’t believe it.
    8. Oh, I don't think you are the one that I am trying to look for.
    9. Ah! I would like to look like a scientist.
    10. I love football but, alas, I have no talent as a player.

  18. 1. Wait! You didn’t put your pants on Haqimi.
    2. Oops! I think I forgot to put body fragrance on me before off to class.
    3. Help! There’s a bunch of ants everywhere.
    4. No! I wouldn’t reveal my feeling to him.
    5. Ahh! Now I know that superman like to wear underwear outside his cloth.
    6. Genius! Now let’s have a drink to celebrate it.
    7. Woah! I wouldn’t do it even though it is for you.
    8. Omg! Are you kidding me?
    9. Wow! You are very awesome and interactive.
    10. Oh! Now I understand.


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  20. 1. Ouch! The hedgehog bit me.
    2. Ah! That feels great.
    3. Wait! Don't leave me alone here in the woods.
    4. Oops! I slipped the drink on your carpet.
    5. No! Don't go near the cliff.
    6. Help! Someone is following me.
    7. Wow! The view is breathtaking.
    8. Hey! Look at that.
    9. Mmm, that smells so delicious.
    10. Oh! I thought I knew that.

    Mohamad Hafiz Syahmi bin Sharkawi

  21. 1. Congratulations, Dina won the first prize.
    2. Ugh! I cannot believe what was i just heard.
    3. Psst. Do you really like her ?
    4. Oh, really? You will switch to art class?
    5. Ouch, that hurt!
    6. Oh no, I forgot to bring my homework.
    7. Hey! That's mine!
    8. Wow! What a beautiful painting.
    9. What! You are going to switch class?
    10. Bravo! It was a wonderful poem.


  22. 1. Ahh, that feels wonderful.
    2. Congrats! You finally got your Master’s degree.
    3. Aww! Just look at that kitten.
    4. Oops! Sorry I didn’t see those skates there.
    5. Wow! That’s really great news!
    6. Ouch, that hurt! Stop pinching me!
    7. Shh! The show is about to start.
    8. Hmm, I’m not sure this colour is the best for this room.
    9. Mmm, that smells so good.
    10. Yeah, I’d love some orange juice.

  23. 1. Wow! Its so beautiful!
    2. Hey! Whats your name?
    3. Help! My bag so heavy.
    4. Huh! I'm so tired.
    5. Aha! I get an idea hoe to solve this.
    6. Yucks! Very disgusting.
    7. Ouch! its very hurt.
    8. Goodness! What happen?
    9. Yeah, I got it!
    10. No way! U cant enter this room!