Sunday, January 11, 2015



  1. Task:
    Write ten sentences showing correct preposition usage.

  2. 1. I put my shoes at the main door.
    2. May choose to draw on a smooth surface.
    3. Johan left his pen in the hall after exam.
    4. Parents need their children to care about them.
    5. The puppy jump onto my bed.
    6. I throw the rubbish into the basket.
    7. I bought a present for my dad.
    8. It takes about 9 hours from Batu Pahat to Sungai Petani.
    9. Lily will read a story for her daughter every night.
    10. He sticks the note on the door before he left.

  3. 1. My pen drop under the table.
    2. There are a lot of bottles on the table.
    3. My house is located besides the mosque.
    4. I place the pillow in the cardboard.
    5. I live at Bukit Kemamang, Perak.
    6. There is a beautiful golden fish in aqurium.
    7. The meeting starts at 5.00 pm.
    8. I have tuition class on this friday.
    9. Siti stand behind the coconut tree.
    10. I just came back from Bp Mall.

  4. 1. They arrived at the airport in the morning.
    2. I havent seen him since he moved.
    3. My family and i love to eat spicy foods.
    4. KLCC is one of the world's most beautiful building located in Malaysia.
    5. We were tend to go to the restaurant that serves a great varieties of food and drinks.
    6. We have to have a good manners as a teacher.
    7. You must sign the document in front of the lawyer.
    8. I drink a cup of milk everynight.
    9. Nadia has a collection of antique.
    10. The new television costs in RM5,000.


  5. 1.Natalia and her family arrived at the hotel in the evening.
    2. The ink spilled onto my sketchbook.
    3.I went to library with my sister yesterday.
    4.The teacher left to go to the hall.
    5.Sasha haven’t seen her cousin since she moved to another school.
    6.The little boy screamed when a cat suddenly jumped onto him.
    7.I was born in 1995.
    8.The poem was written by my talented friend.
    9.I took my nephew for a walk around the village.
    10.We first met at a family gathering.

  6. 1. The phone was ringing several times on the table before she answered it.
    2. That boy jumped into the river for a swim.
    3. We used to talk to each other since we were young.
    4. I am waiting for my dad to pick me up after school.
    5. Jeremy was baking a cake in the kitchen.
    6. They were at the cinema last night.
    7. Sara puts the cookies into the jar.
    8. It takes about an hour to make that dish.
    9. Jen threw her car keys onto the sofa once she arrived home.
    10. At midnight, he makes some french toast with grape jelly while enjoying the movie marathon.

    Najwa Amira Binti Md Ludin

  7. 1. I usually wake up at six o'clock.
    2. Stella put her books on the table.
    3. He stole the ring which I put in the jewellery box.
    4. The man walks into the room alone.
    5. The old lady bought some apples for her son.
    6. Steve and I go to school together.
    7. She put her bag into the locker.
    8. I will see you on Saturday.
    9. I have bought something for you.
    10. He gives the bottle to me.

    Lim Li Juan

  8. 1. My handphone is ON the table.
    2. I write a letter FOR my cousin everyday.
    3. He looks LIKE my friend, hafiz.
    4. Once UPON a time, there was a gorgeous princess.
    5. The decision is UP TO you.
    6. The final match was Hafiz VERSUS Rhap.
    7. I will go to Langkawi VIA Kelantan.
    8. Never leave your room WITHOUT your key.
    9. The apartment BELOW mine is beautiful.
    10. My house is UNDER construction.


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  10. 1. That homeless man has to live UNDER the bridge for shelter.
    2. I am going TO Italy someday for the food.
    3. BESIDES playing computer games, I also like to play basketball.
    4. We will not start our work UNTIL the last minute.
    5. I am afraid OF the dark.
    6. How much is the entrance fee PER person.
    7. Please stay AROUND this area before the event is finished,
    8. Anderson's room is just BESIDE mine.
    9. INSIDE him, there is a passionate soul.
    10. He dropped his glass ON the ground yesterday.


  11. 1. As soon as the miss Lee stepped into the classroom, everyone was silent.
    2. Mother put my book into the beg.
    3. When you are arrived, do not forget to told your mother.
    4. He fell onto the floor.
    5. My best friend live in Taman Sentosa.
    6. It is on the cupboard.
    7. The girls are reading the books at the English corner.
    8. I give a flower for my wife every morning.
    9. Kaka comes from London.
    10.Maria is waiting at the bus stop.

  12. 1. The book on my lap.
    2. The white cat sleeping under the table.
    3. My little sister is someone that I can depend on.
    4. My hobby is drawing while sitting at my desk.
    5. I put my things on the bumper of my mother's car.
    6. I woke up at 5.00 a.m this morning.
    7. I went to shop for a gift with my friend, Aina.
    8. I put my headphone on most of the time.
    9. I have not seen him since yesterday.
    10. I just come back from holiday.
    Nurmaisurah Binti Bakrim

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    1. 1. We spent a lot of our time walking in the forest.
      2. Michael lives in the house across the road from ours.
      3. Martina had painted thick, dark eyebrows above each eye.
      4. I was so hot, I stood under the cold shower for 15 minutes.
      5. They are among the best badminton players in the school.
      6. I push the button beside the next door, but there was no answer.
      7. We had enough firewood to keep us warm throughout the winter.
      8. When Anne arrived, I left the kitchen and went into the next room.
      9. The railway goes through a tunnel rather than over the top of the mountain.
      10. Jonathan worked at the restaurant during evenings to earn some extra money.

  14. 1. She was born in 1997.
    2. Don't forget to bring some fruits with you.
    3. The book was written by Adam Lee.
    4. The pencil is on the desk.
    5. The rabbit jumped over the leg.
    6.The book is on the floor beside the desk.
    7. Where is my walllet at?
    8. In where department is he?
    9.The kid is hiding under the table.
    10. Siti is going to the bank to deposit her check.
    Izza Najiia Bt Jantan

  15. 1. I left my English Language textbook on my table.
    2. I am born in January.
    3. Mary left for work after she ate breakfast.
    4. Fellicia is going to London for her further studies.
    5. We should always throw rubbish into the dustbin.
    6. The bad-tempered man did not talk to her anymore since she scolded him.
    7. We must always remember our manners from January to December.
    8. Kim went to the library to find reference book.
    9. The timid boy likes to hide under the table.
    10. My mum won’t let me to hang out with my friends untul midnight.

  16. 1. I just left the book on the desk in class.
    2. "Miss Kee Lili want to see you in lecturers room", Diana told Lena.
    3. I will stay at Diana's house for a month.
    4. I off to Kota Kinabalu yesterday to visited my grandmother.
    5. The pen drop onto the floor.
    6. The biscuits was made in Malaysia.
    7. Its took two hours and half to arrived from Sabah to Johor.
    8. Diana don't want to eat since yesterday.
    9. Diana slowly poured the mineral water into the glass.
    10. The massage have been seen by her about an hour ago.

  17. 1) We are going back to the hometown after breakfast.
    2) My parents lives in United Kingdom.
    3) I watching television while waiting for my sister.
    4) My house is between Amira and Ayni's house.
    5) She must go home by two o'clock because she need to help her mother.
    6) She choose to sit beside me because i am her bestfriend.
    7) My sister dropped me across this street.
    8) You need to pass up your task before the dateline.
    9) I want to uptown with Ayni last night.
    10) The baby couldnt sleep without her mother.


  18. 1. I just left the book on the desk in class.
    2. "Miss Kee Lili want to see you in lecturers room", Diana told Lena.
    3. I will stay at Diana's house for a month.
    4. I off to Kota Kinabalu yesterday to visited my grandmother.
    5. The pen drop onto the floor.
    6. The biscuits was made in Malaysia.
    7. It took two hours and half to arrive from Sabah to Johor.
    8. Diana doesn’t want to eat since yesterday.
    9. Diana slowly poured the mineral water into the glass.
    10. The massage have been seen by her about an hour ago.

  19. Mohamad Hafiz Syahmi bin Sharkawi
    1. He reached the mall about an hour ago.
    2. Mr. James will be free after lunch time.
    3. They were strolling along the beach last night.
    4. Harry will wait for them at the bus stop.
    5. There was a spider behind the vase.
    6. She saw a few stray dogs outside her house just now.
    7. Susan will be in the office till the boss returns from a meeting.
    8. The wallet was placed between the car keys and the remote control.
    9. She was sick during recess.
    10. He received a letter from the institution.

  20. 1. Nina will meet Cynthia at 4 p.m.
    2. I put the book on the table.
    3. He looked her directly in the eyes.
    4. Let's meet before noon.
    5. I walked into the house.
    6. The car went through the tunnel.
    7. He moved to Sabah in 1996.
    8. The little girl ran around the playground.
    9. Hang that picture above the couch.
    10. She lives near the lake.


  21. 1. The present INSIDE the big box is mine.
    2. Camila was sitting AT the table.
    3. The dog was sitting UNDER the table.
    4. The plane flies ABOVE the clouds.
    5. Yuna was ABSENT yesterday.
    6. Daniel lives DOWN the street.
    7. I slept all THROUGH the day.
    8. I walked UP the stairs to see the problem.
    9. There is an apple ON the table.
    10. She comes FROM Malaysia.

  22. 1. She come from United Kingdom.
    2. Our class tomorrow will start at 9.00 am.
    3. I will pick you by motocycle at the bustand.
    4. Yesterday, we went to Batu Pahat Mall by bus.
    5. Please pass up your homework to me as soon as possible.
    6. I am waiting for my first interview.
    7. I put your assignment on your table.
    8. please submit your work in this afternoon.
    9. The cat is sitting below the table.
    10.He was born on 10 of January.