Friday, January 16, 2015



  1. Dear students,
    Please complete the above task.

    1. Sad I Ams

      I am
      the loneliness
      that everyone refuse in their heart,
      the truth
      but sometimes people rather believe the lies,
      the colour
      that Achromatopsia don't understand.

      I am
      the darkness
      while everyone waiting for the sun,
      the smile
      after the slap in the face,
      the tear
      behind the smiling face.

  2. I am
    a bird
    which is locked in a cage,
    a lion
    which perform in circus.

    I am
    a chair
    which has only three legs,
    the computer
    which has virus,
    the air conditioner
    which is not cold already.

    I am
    a mother
    which has been forgotten by my son.

  3. Sad I Ams

    I am
    the candy wrapper
    that the five years old boy threw away
    the old novel
    with a few pages missing
    the broken vase
    that you kept under the table.

    I am
    a damaged painting
    that even Picasso cannot fix
    the acoustic guitar
    with a broken neck
    a kind and innocent heart
    which no one seems to care.

  4. Sad I Ams

    I am
    the eye
    from a kid’s Barbie Doll
    the block underneath the sofa
    from the stack-high UNO game that fall
    the flat wheel
    from a speedy toy-racing car

    I am
    the tissue
    which sticked on nose and took away ewes
    the cloth
    which covered with dust and dirt
    the sock
    which can’t find the other pair
    the dress
    which once was your favourite
    that had a hole somewhere

    I am
    the handphone that is out-of-date
    the television that can’t detect USB
    the sofa set which is made of wood
    the spectacles that has lower power
    the reference book published in 2010
    which the contents is based on old format

    I am
    a swing
    that only hangs by one side
    a see-saw
    that is loosen in the middle
    a rusty merry-go-round
    that can’t turn smoothly

  5. I am
    the wilted plant
    in the dark corner
    the lonely sneaker
    that lost its partner
    the drawn paper
    that has been thrown

    I am
    the old blouse
    that has been forgotten in the cupboard
    I am
    the truth
    which nobody believes
    I am
    the board
    that has no notices on it

  6. Sad I Ams

    I am
    The remote playground
    Without a child
    The golden daffodils
    Which left only two leaves
    The violin
    Where the bow cannot strumming
    peacefully across the strings

    I am
    A camera
    That we can’t see the world through its lens
    A pure candle
    That can’t lead someone out from the darkness
    The music
    That Ludwig van Beethoven cannot be heard

    Ronacyella Robert